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The boss

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Fr. T.O.  Sebastian

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]angerial task has become much more difficult and stressful in the present times due to various factors. The managers on the spot are often ill-equipped for the task. The management courses offer them sufficient theory. But the class-room knowledge does not stand when faced with the real situation in a company.
A manager needs immediate help to tackle a situation at hand. He cannot delay or deny the existence of it. The faster he attends to it, the better. A timely action can withhold a situation from fanning into a conflagration. Especially a young manager needs assistance of experience and expertise. A manager must understand that he/she has to be effective if he wants to perform his duty and stay in the job.Today, the manager’s task has become complicated due to the frequent and rapid changes that are taking place in the society. Market situation is in a flux. Customers are becoming global and, ever-changing Markets suddenly shoot up and fall. As the market offers a variety of consumer goods, customers change their preferences. The longevity of a product is then drastically cut down. And yet a manager is expected to adjust to this changing environment and steer his ship to success.
When a manager adjusts to the changing environment by developing appropriate strategies, it is called strategic management. This is the only way to survive in the face of rapid and revolutionary changes that are taking place today in the world. There is always anxiety, fear and stress when decisions have to be taken. There is always a possibility of being wrong.
Efficient management is all about doing the Right things and doing things Right. Every institution has its ups and downs for one reason or the other. A manager may start rectifying the whole system by introducing a road map for the company and set definite and time-bound goals to be achieved.
Another may be giving priority to improve the manpower. He may weed out those employees who are only a dead weight, with nothing to contribute to the institution. He may replace these with young, energetic and committed persons. Another manager gives importance to punctuality at work place. All these measures are important and should be implemented. But two things to be taken care of are discipline and accountability.
A company may run happily for a while with discipline and efficiency but without realising. This situation may be preferred by some. This will lead to disillusionment and demoralization among the staff and workers as well. Success of the enterprise is in itself a driving force for its employees. In order to put your firm on a sounding footing you yourself must be committed and disciplined.
You must instill these same values in every member of your team. You must manage your organisation effectively and efficiently in order to create successful results. The boss cannot run away from his post or get involved in trivial matters. You must be fully involved and fully interested to take your company to victory and success.

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