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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Challenge of A Two-Front Conflict

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jun 06, 2021 10:41 pm

There is nothing wrong in China and Pakistan coming closer, however, if the closeness is only meant to corner India in South Asia, world peace bodies like the United Nations (UN) must intervene. In no uncertain terms should it categorically ask both countries to refrain from escalating tensions in the region. Otherwise, the purpose of setting up such bodies will be defeated. UN should be proactive as at present, the world is witnessing a hard time, Covid-19 pandemic has caused more damage than a full-fledged war. Human casualty is much higher than it was during the First World War. Worldwide, the economy is completely ravaged. At this juncture every nation should join hands to rebuild the world under the leadership of UN. Recently, we saw a terrible fight in the Gazza strip. As the world was barely recovering from the recent episode of Israel-Palestine conflict, an ugly exhibition of military might took place just beside India’s northern and western border.

The occasion was the observance of 70th year of diplomatic relationship between China and Pakistan. Though the main purpose of diplomacy is ushering in peace by reducing tensions, the celebration was designed in such a manner that it was bound to raise heat amongst neighbouring countries. There was no need to organise a joint air exercise between the two countries to celebrate such an occasion and that too very close to the Indian border. The show was clearly an attempt to unnerve India by showing their might in air. It was also meant to prove that if tensions escalate between India and China, both countries would combine against India.

There is nothing to question about the friendship between the two countries. But questions must be raised about the motive behind such bonding. India has always maintained that it favours friendly relations with its neighbours. But both China and Pakistan have never definitively reciprocated to India’s clarion call for friendship. India-bashing is the biggest weapon for Pakistani leaders, who have miserably failed to provide basic amenities to its people even after seven decades of Independence. On the other hand, China always tries to downsize India’s influence in the world stage to emerge as the biggest power in Asia. For this purpose, Beijing is opposing India’s entry to the world’s nuclear power group, though India has always maintained that it will use the said power only for peaceful purposes. Moreover, notwithstanding India’s repeated objections to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as the ambitious highway will pass through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), a disputed territory, as both countries are going ahead with the 60 billion dollar project.

One can only appeal all nations to be sensitive and not work against each other’s interests. Any military exercise near the border will definitely make peace and tranquility more elusive. So such steps should be avoided at all costs. Instead of wasting money in such futile exercises, the nations should come together to strengthen the bond of understanding between them.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jun 06, 2021 10:41:49 pm
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