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The Assam Rengmas and Karbi Embroilment

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2014 11:57 pm

Thepfulhouvi Solo

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Sinhaleese and the Tamilian’s embroilment in Ceylon a decade ago caused immense troubles to both the Sinhaleese and the Tamils in that small strong island Nation neighboring India. It also very much pained the ethnic Tamilians in India too. So much so that a young Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi in wise and good political intention, sent an Indian Peace-Keeping Force –IPKF- to separate the tangled situation and generate Peace everybody wants loudly.
However, within about 2 years, the Indian Peace-Keeping Force in Sri Lanka appeared misplaced and became an unfortunate misadventure. The Force returned home in a huff, but the dynastically inherited Prime Minister was blasted into smithereens by a small Tamil suicide bomber girl in Podumburam Tamilnadu?Ethnic or Religious or Sectarian Troubles catch Social Fire all too easily and such Fires spreads so uncontrollably and disastrously fast. They are difficult put out. The ethnic Itch in Sri Lanka is still scratching.
The Sectarian Headache between the Sunis and Shias in any Islamic Middle East Countries is a great trouble not easily relievable with cheap Pain relieving medicines. The sectarian animosity between Syria and Saudi Arabia is the trouble between a Shia and a Suni!
A middle east Suni or Shia Nation attaining Atomic Bomb not only rattles Israel but also nestles its neighboring Islamic Country and hence the volatility of the region.
The trouble between the Rengmas of Assam and the Karbis in Karbi Anglong of Assam is a complex Issue and may involve History, Boundary and Ethnic Rights of the people living there. The Issue should not spill over into Nagaland.
The NGOs of Nagaland manned mostly by wise young Bloods would do well to desist into rushing ‘wise cracks’ into the Case. It is a very sensitive Issue and not one to be dealt by publicity seeking Leaders. The Issues can be settled only in Peace, Wisdom and in Accommodation by both sides across Conference Tables over long drawn honest discussions. They cannot be settled by eliminating helpless, innocent public at night or in secret.
There is no need of harming Innocent and Peaceful Karbis in Nagaland nor innocent Rengmas of Assam. There is no need of any Bandh neither in Assam nor in Nagaland: Let there be no Bandh anywhere by anybody at any time on the Issue.
In my opinion:
1. The First and Foremost Thing to do is to AGREE to TALK without Dagger or Stick in the Hands.
LET THE SIDE WITH THE BIGGER HEART UNILATERALLY DECLARE TO AGREE TO TALK starting immediately and for a period of 3 Months initially.
2. Secondly; the Talk should be:
i. On the conditions of: GIVE & TAKE, and
ii. On the conditions of: GROUND REALITIES.
3. Thirdly, let there be no accusation or contending statements or replies in the News Papers –except to each other officially across the Conference Table- from any of the Parties until the TALK ends.
Let there be talk between the Parties without Sticks or Stones.

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