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Testimony on near deaths sting

By EMN Updated: Nov 16, 2013 9:48 pm

Thujokhruyi Nyekha

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] question struck my mind as to why should I rob away the precious time of the esteemed readers as this write up is not about big boom money or any other glamorous article worth catching the interest of any man, when the world is so busy itself. but well, I got this answer, “for the Glory of God, I shall testify the name of God”.Of course, professionally speaking, I am a theologian and a pastor. Yet sobbing and grieving has been conquering my whole being when my life was ebbing away. I knew something is wrong in my body, but doctors expressed their human limitation to find the cure to my problem. The doctor advised me to go outside Nagaland for treatment as it was a complicated case despite my resource incompatibility. The estimated cost won’t be less than 40-50 lakhs, said the doctor to my utter shock and despair. However, I was told that there is no assurance to the medical treatment at that huge expenditure. Hope vanished. I came to a point; Money is valuable but can’t save my life either. Medical Doctors whom we expect to cure us of any ailment eventually became the victim of human limitation in my case.
At this near death end, I realize, looking through my window in tears, the real beauty of Kohima and all God’s creation that day as my time being at hand. I questioned? My time has come? Where is my weapon to fight back for it? Is there any second chance or hope of survival? Questions of such and memories of the past linger in. Remembering gone by days -my childhood, schooling, college, became a joy and treasure even more, while married life with beautiful children of today being lovely and blessed one. Sobbing like a boy, I felt the curse of loneliness but who will go with me to my grave, except my sickness would.
At this crossroad, a biblical inspiration come from God, “To live is for His service (Christ) and to die is for my gain”. This inspiration gave me strength to stand up again and gave me reason to give thanks to the lord for everything. Henceforth, a new chapter of spiritual journey began in my life with my savior, Jesus Christ. I want to encourage readers to draw inspiration from this experience of a remarkable intervention of Jesus into my life, share the joy and blessings of one’s trust in him.
The Bible nowhere reminds us to fear physical death but that of spiritual death. It says, the end of a believer’s life is only the beginning of a new life. Death is a transition to higher heavenly life. The following bible references throw light on the meaning of Christian death:

1. It is an entrance “into peace” – Isaya 57 : 2

2. It is “going to the Father’s house” – John 14: 2-3

3. It is “Taken away into glory” – Psalms 73 : 24

4. It is to receive the “crown” – 2nd Timothy 4:8

5. The death of believers are
precious in the sight of God – Psalms 116: 15

Dear readers, the death of believers are a rejoicing entry into eternal heaven and not a loss or worry. We worry over death because we are not prepared in faith and action due to numerous moral and spiritual illnesses associated with life. However, when we knew that all these illnesses are redeemed, fear over death arises no more. Place your burden and worries unto God’s hands today because he is bigger than all of them.
I sincerely express indebted gratefulness to the doctors, nurses, staff and all the caretakers of Bethel Medical Center, Kohima for executing a faith based medical exercise coupled with miraculous recovery. May Jesus stand tall among them all.
Thus saying all these, I want to convey the message to the world that I live no more on my own but by the grace of God that sustain me every day. Having undergone through serious medical process, I live with consequential complications and pains every day but the breath and life given to me each passing day is a precious gift that no one could imagine in a lifetime. My life and future is secure now unlike before, because I understand that my survival is God’s own giving as no more medical process can give me another chance to survive. It is a dawning of new life, so different, because God can only give or take away any moment now. If we live every moment as though its our last, then life here is the sweetest and the most assured hereafter. I sincerely honour God and thank God for giving me this testimonial life now and forever.
“ I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives and believe in me will never die. Do you believe this?” – John 11 : 25.

Praise be to God!

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