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Tenyimis asked to continue contribution to Naga cause

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 02, 2016 12:00 am

Dimapur, October 1: Tenyimis are proud Nagas to have elders who have served in their capabilities for the state and towards Naga political cause and though the contribution made by the Tenyimi people may not have bore fruit on attaining the aspired goals, they need to continue to contribute as responsible followers leaving room to rethink and revive the leadership, conveyed Vipopal Kintso, General Secretary Tenyimi Peoples’ Organisation (TPO) and former Deputy chairman, Kohima Municipal Council.
He was addressing as the chief guest at the fifth general conference of Tenyimi Student’s Union Dimapur (TSUD) at IMC Hall Dimapur on Saturday, October 1 which was observed on theme “Perspire and Achieve”.
Although Tenyimi’s have produced leaders, the community need to review the past, identify and realise how far we can contribute as a leader and a good follower, articulated Kintso. Drawing attention on his focus ‘students and politics’ Kintso remarked that students should be politically conscious and whatever knowledge they acquire should be contributed to mould the future. Though the situation in the state is at standstill due to Naga political issue which is directly or indirectly affecting Nagas and the government not living up to the expectations, we as a responsible citizen should voice out as per our capabilities and facilitate ourselves, expressed Kintso. He further added that as a responsible citizen, we need to support a solution and not leave our future at stake.
Acknowledging that Tenyimi’s possess a distinctive character of respect towards elders, he called on the elders of the community to live an exemplary life so that youngsters can look up to them.
“We are Tenyimi not by choice but by lineage, and our responsibility does not revolve around traditional costume and folk songs but with culture of responsibility and dignity. And as a community we should not lose trust even though other people may convey” stated the community leader.
Khalo Kapfo, President Tenyimi Union Dimapur exhorted the student community to manage such gatherings considering that such gatherings give platform to know each other and come to a point of understanding. He also reminded the student community that the elders depend on them and the responsible for a better society is on their shoulder.
Earlier, presidential address was delivered by Kedinlung Newmai, president TSUD and Azo Wetsah, general secretary TSUD presented secretary report while vote of thanks was rendered by Mese Kapfo, co-convener organising committee.

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 02, 2016 12:00:07 am