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Philip Malangmei, Tening Town

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]HE condition of roads is failing the people of Tening Sub-division under Peren district. This is making the lives of the people a living hell afflicting economically, politically and socially. The price of goods is exorbitantly high and only the basic goods are available in the market (Though market could mean a whole variety of different things). The GoN (Government of Nagaland) has the obligation to uphold and act as catalyst for the development to be pouring in. But, sadly this picture is scantily low. Why is the GoN repeatedly ignoring the demand of the people time and again. Tonnes of blaming the government is done. Let me not do it here. Tening, itself is cornered in a very strategic location with Manipur to the South and Assam to the West. Well, Manipur is just a stone throw away and Assam a Double stone throw. Doubly placed in this Geo-Strategic location, it has the potential to develop itself into a flourishing town/city. Who will unlock the Pandora Box?
Trade and commerce can be the most beneficial of all business given the crucial factor. With proper roads connected, it could mean a whole lot of difference. More people will be here at any given time and thus more goods will be needed to satisfy their demands. Here you can set up your own modest shop to begin with.
Education, we have some of the best schools with cent% record of cracking high school leaving certificate (HSLC) examination in successive years. Our schools are no less than any other in the cities. This track record proves that quality wise, it is at par with the rest of the State though it stands in the most remote corner of the state. We need quality education of higher learning, though at present there is not even HSLC examination centre, 10+2 and college level course in offer in town. Opportunity and expansion are desired and a challenge…
Tening was recently accorded ADC headquarter Sub-division by GoN. Thanks to DAN government for keeping their promise. It is still no good as not be present. The allotted office of the administration in the sub-division is in Jungle.!! Though I appreciate their high intellect, only way to develop jungle into habitable patch of land. kudos!!
Politics, I ponder on to scrap few words…. at last, it was eureka moment, ‘’ Why do someone shy away to talk to friends and neighbours for not falling in same line with some Patriotic Leader?” Gladly, it doesn’t come with price. It comes like summer rain and blow away akin to a cyclone with all destructive force carrying away all election rubbish.
VIPs, doing a great job donating money when called as Chief guest. You encourage him, You fools, it’s your legitimate Purse meant for development of your towns and villages. I like the VIPs though for not being so Selfish!! They help the needy though it comes with a price tag and a big Mouth!! They have reinvented themselves, they are the Good Samaritan of Today.
Church, is no politics… I better say this… God send His only Begotten Son, those who come to HIM, shall stand No Condemnation… He loves the sinners too and not only you.
Villagers, don’t you know that excreta is a good manure.. I wonder how can you dine with all the smell and the majestic looks right in-front of your Dish. Though the trend is fading it is still necessary in planting season!!
Communication Technology, aaaah!! my favourite… Thanks to the ….. (I don’t know whom to thank) for installing the lone mobile tower with ever ‘NETWORK BUSY’ status. I don’t want to give credit to MLAs for being so late. Rather, I Thank BSNL!! for not FORGETTING the tower which was installed in the 80’s. In this age of Android, windows and I-phone with all sophisticated software, it is no better than Symbian B/W Phone (though the later has no Camera).
We urgently need better wireless data connectivity…We have GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA/3G, HDSPA, HSPA, LTE, NFC, WIMAX…in today’s mobile technology. You can see ‘G’ on top of your screen displaying with all Glamour whenever you try to access internet. It leads to utter disappointment when it flash ‘CONNECTION ERROR’. If not for others please upgrade to EDGE technology for the sake of android users.
I sincerely think it’s time to Raise a Band of Brothers, or Band of sisters, for feminist sake,
Tening-Good Roads-Demand-Committee. You name it….
Aaaah!! I wish Kohima is nearer so that all people of the Sub Division can come by FOOT and request you turn by turn….

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