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Teenage abducted and shot dead; situation flares up in Tuensang

By EMN Updated: Feb 15, 2015 12:27 am

Principal Correspondent
Kohima, February 14

The killing of a teenage boy today by armed miscreants has flared up the situation in Tuensang. The victim identified as one Lamji Chingmak was reportedly kidnapped from Tuensang town at around 10:30 am by armed miscreants and then shot him dead. The victim’s corpse was recovered from the outskirts of Tuensang town at around 1 pm, police sources said.
Reacting to the incident, hundreds of Chang people took their anger to the street pelting stones on government offices while also ransacking the office of the Deputy Commissioner, police said.
Sources said that police had to resort to blank firing to disperse the mob which resulted in injury of three civilians.
Mention may be made here that the situation in Tuensang town has been tense since November last year over the land dispute between the Chang and Yimchungrü tribes. Two persons, a teenager Changma Chang (14) and Thrimhokiu Yimchunger were killed on February 6 last while Lamji was the third victim of the ongoing clash.
The District Magistrate of Tuensang, had clamped 144 CrPC after the killing of the two on February 6 but with the improvement of the situation the prohibitory measure was lifted few days later.
However, following today’s killing and arson, the DM has once against promulgated 144 CrPC.
Police sources said that the situation is very tense despite deployment of additional forces of IRB and para-military. The District Administration and Police are holding closed door meeting to tackle the situation from further aggravation, sources said. Further details are awaited till the time of filing this report.

Govt reviews situation in Tuensang

The law and order situation prevailing in Tuensang district following fresh incidents of violence was reviewed today in a High Level Security Coordination meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary, Nagaland. Serious view was taken of the developments occurring in spite of the visit of the ministerial team to the district and it has been decided that additional measures would be taken to book the unscrupulous elements bent on disturbing the peace and to control the decision.
The Government is determined that the Rule of Law must prevail and a Joint Control Room of the Civil Administration, police and security forces are being set up in the district to give effect to the additional measures to control the prevailing situation and to maintain peace. (DIPR)

Concerned Angami elders appeal

“We sincerely regret our failure to come as a group to listen to you to understand the deteriorating situation faced by our Yimchungru and Chang brethren,” said a joint statement issued by Angami elders.
Expressing deep anxiety and distress by the news of violence and loss of lives that have resulted from the ongoing conflict in Tuensang district, the Angami elders including Rev L. Shohie Mhasi, Dr Satuo Sekhose, Dr. Dietho-o Yhoshü, Zapuvisie Lhousa, Zasilhuto Makritsu, Medoselhou Keretsü, Sedehol Sale, Niketu Iralu, Pfülhucha Kinyü, Krurovi Peseyie, Kuolachalie Seyie, Dr Kepelhusie Terhüja, said, “We add our fervent prayers to those of all Nagas for God’s merciful will to prevail which will be best for all concerned. What wounds and damages you wounds and damages all Nagas.”
Regretting their inability to extend any meaningful help due to limitations, the elders earnestly appealed to both fellow Naga tribes to rise to the extremely urgent demands of the crisis and prevent the situation from going out of control.

ENSF condemns killing of students in Tuensang

Dimapur, February 14

The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) has vehemently condemned the killing of Chongma and Ramchi Chingmak, both standard-9 students of St. Joseph’s School, Tuensang and termed the situation as ‘disturbing’ to the academic career of thousands of students.
The Federation appealed to the State government to thoroughly investigate and arrest all those culprits responsible for the crime and that justice is delivered without delay.
ENSF president, Shahsha L. Menhahu and general secretary, Honang M Jessuhu in a statement said, “Without any bias and favouritism, the Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF), being the apex body of all the students’ community, tirelessly serving and leading the students’ community in building their safe future and a home is totally shocked and saddened to witness the cruelty that had been inflicted upon our students which extended to the extreme of losing the precious souls.”
“The present situations that ignited and got inflamed over a tiny dot of land, that had polluted and shattered the minds and dreams of the thousands students that had once cradled its vision with pride to lead and reform the society. The old locked rusted mind should be held responsible in dismantling the dreams no matter how glorious they presume to uphold their dignity today. Your glamorous ill-thoughts and actions had muted the federation in protecting our students from such cruelties. The Almighty watches your deeds and knows what’s best for thee.”
ENSF felt that history at time should be ignored if it hampers the peaceful co-existence today. “Too much upholding on our glorious past and rights will lead us nowhere tomorrow. Let’s learn to say let go, for it creates a space for more can be filled in tomorrow.”
The Federation appealed to both tribes to continue to extend supports and cooperation as ENSF strives in delivering peace and tranquility in the strife-torn region. The ENSF called upon the intellectuals and church leaders to be involved in restoring normalcy in the region with hearts to forgive, to live and let live.
The Federation extended deep condolences to both the bereaved families and prayed that justice of peace and comfort be sent from above.

By EMN Updated: Feb 15, 2015 12:27:39 am