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Taxation – it’s myth & reality

By EMN Updated: Aug 13, 2013 12:32 am

Jonny D

The present State of Nagaland and its social fabric is embroiled in a very threatening and impending danger which if not corrected and taken sincere effort into will lead to total chaos and turmoil in the days to come. The main issue lurking right in front of our face is the question of Unabated taxations by different factions of our so called National workers which has the potential to pitch the common man against the National workers if some kind of sensible and corrective measure are not taken on priority basis minus the use of threat and intimidation in any form.The backbone of any Movement either it may be for Sovergnity or Political dominance or Social reformation is the General Mass and Public, no movement can sustain in the long run without the support and backing of the masses. The present trend of resentment both to the National workers irrespective of its Faction due to Unabated Taxation and towards the present newly elected State Government into its 3rd term is due to its failure to deliver the basic needs like Road, electricity and drinking water by the general public reflected in articles in our daily newspaper or other social media, is a time for them to introspect and be taken as a wake-up call of their duties and responsibility towards the masses before it is too late and the public patient may be express in an undesirable manners in the days to come.


– The percentages of Local Genuine business men/women will not be more than 5 % within the commercial city of Nagaland. Look around starting from pan shop to all big dealerships business are all in the hands of the Non-Local people. The maximum Locals will have few clothes and merchandise shops apart from few car showrooms and its accessories, where as the rest of daily needs-rice, foods, vegetables etc- and important business –cement, hardware’s, Company dealerships etc-are all literally run by the Non-locals.
– The exemption of such Local business people, who comprises of barely 5 % + businessmen will not bring the so called Sovereignty movement to a Stand Still but by such exemption to the local entrepreneur will make them gain the support of more than 70 % population.
– The Non-Locals who are merely using the name of Locals for Trade License and working under Power of Attorney should not be applicable for such Tax exemption thereby the so called National workers can continue their taxations without hampering their goals and desires.
– It is known to everyone how the Non-locals use our local names and connections to exempt themselves from Income Tax payment-GOI- and uses the same method to escape from paying taxes to the National workers using some few UG connections and greedy locals in the lookout for few fast bucks and manipulate the economy of our State.
– Most of the Local are first generation business class who are still learning the tricks and trade of the profession, where mostly has started by borrowing from the Banks and other financial institutions to venture in the uncharted territory of our ancestors.


– The state of Nagaland is still a Consumer state where the production of food and fruits has not reach the point of sustainability. Most of the few local farm produce are due to the sheer hard work and labors of the innocent farmers selling their products to meet their ends meet or improve their living standards. The exemption from such harsh taxation will do wonders to the local farmers where they can expand their production without any hiccup or unnecessary hardships from their own so called National workers.
– The reality is that most of our food and fruits products are Imported from outside our state, where the flow and supply are mostly manipulated and controlled by the Non-locals, in some instances with the help of few Locals acting as side jokers to expand their-by non-local- ever dominating business.
– The hard working local farmers are mostly left heartbroken when they are robbed by their own so called National workers in the guise for fighting for Sovereignty whereby destroying their Economic sovereignty.


– The taxation of 20-25 % from local government employees especially the 3 & 4th Grade as one time taxes as professional tax is much to be desired upon and unwanted thereby leading to lots of resentment against our so called National workers SILENTLY.
– This groups of employees are living hand to mouth with their families to feed with their limited resources and the payment of such taxes even say 5000 yearly-3 groups X 5000=15000- apart from the yearly house and ration to equally 3-4 groups leaves them totally in the hands of borrowing mostly in % wise from other money lenders to meet their ends meet. A cycle of Debt is created in such situation which becomes unending for a very long time.


– The concept of charging 5 % tax on work contracts and supply has indirectly led to Inferior work quality and in return the whole general populous has to suffer in the long run. When 5 % tax is imposed let’s say by 3 groups = 15 % which in turn led to quality compromise as the so called Contractor and supplier has to keep his margin for his hard work and the various payments incurred while getting the contract orders in the office as well as at the Ministerial level.
– The outcomes of such harsh and exorbitant taxes only lead to the deteriorations of our own State infrastructure whereas the same infrastructure will be needed even if we get sovereingity.
– Imposition of realistic as well as workable taxation is acceptable to the people and profession of such venture alike where one need not compromise on Qualities. The building of such infrastructures will be beneficial to all irrespective of whether one is a civilian, government servant, rich or poor or even the so called National workers.
– They can continue to Tax the Non-Locals as it is in the present form.


– None of the citizen of Nagaland or so called Nagalim will oppose the payment of House tax and ration tax as long as the National workers are working genuinely for the welfare of the people.
– The people of our state are paying house tax 2-3 times as most of us own a house in the villages and town area or the house from where we earn our livelihood.
– By exempting the taxation from the locals entrepreneur, we are not opposing the taxation on our houses and ration of our fellow workers thereby the question of challenging their-National workers-diktats does not arise. Symbolically more than any form of taxation, the payment of House tax is more legitimate and important in the eyes of the world.


– The so called Taxes collected from the public and especially the hard earned money from the locals are not given on Free-will but CURSED by them whenever such taxes are paid-as payment are made mostly on resentment and against one’s own free-will, thereby such payment is cursed silently with whatever bitterness and words we can. The question is when will the curse of the general mass will befall upon them-it’s just a matter of Time.
– The ways the people are threaten while collecting taxes as if our father or grandfather or family has taken loan or borrowed from them, by threatening our own people for taxation purpose is uncalled for, as we all breath the same air, eat the same food and are equally brave and coward in the same manner-so the question of submissiveness should not be taken as being Scared.
– Look around how many beloved children of the so called National Workers, Corrupt Politicians, Bureacrats and other corrupt officials are able to stand on their own Minus their Parents/Father. The day their father/parents are not in power, nobody will give respect or honor them and sadly their generation will end with them. The seeds of corruptions and sins will be paid by their most beloved children. The result of the commandment of God “THOU SHOULD NOT STEAL” will be rewarded through their children.

– The overwhelming Public support to ACAUT and other NGO’s on Illegal taxation should be an eye opener for the so called National workers and reminder that Enough is Enough. If the present trend continue then days are not far when our own brothers will rise against our own so called National workers.
– The people whom the so called National workers claim to represent will be the barrier and downfall of our struggle for sovereignty due to the overbearing and unabated taxation from its own people.
– The National workers should feel the PULSE of the people and introspect whether their continue Alienation from the public views and feeling will be able to sustain their movement in the days to come.
– In fact the so called National workers irrespective of its factions should see it as Blessing in Disguise-the present outcry of the general mass against unabated taxations- reminding and showing them that where have they gone wrong and strayed away.
– No movement can sustain without the Public support and the fear of threat and Guns is not Permanent depending on time and space, if time and space becomes do or die situation then the mass is bound to win.
– The sudden wealth and richness and rise of disparity between the Have and Have not in our State is alarming and the people resentment and mute observations of our National workers, Government servants and Public Leaders accumulating immense Wealth disproportionate to their know Income is something to ponder upon and analyzed.
– The national workers has to realize that No movement on earth has sustained without the mass support and following and whichever factions can feel the Pulse and take the mass in confidence will be the only true representative of the people.
– History is there to tell the stories that Great empire like Rome, Great Britain, Russian revolution, French empire etc has all fallen due to the very question of “ TAXATION ”. The British rule in India was also shown its door due to its overbearing Taxation Polices, Mahatma Gandhi famous DANDI March against Salt tax was the pinnacle of the Indian freedom movement opposing the tyrannical Taxation on the citizen of India by the British.
– Likewise, if ones learn from history and take course correctives then one can prevent the disastrous and impending situation in future-if not history will repeat itself.

Our so called Movement is based on Individual Charismatic leadership from the time of Late. Phizo, General. Kaito to till date like Khaplang, Isaac, Muivah, Kholi except Kitovi etc are unfortunately on the wrong side of their age, so it has become more of a reason for them to leave a kind of Legacy which their people and families can be proud of-if not then all their Sacrifices and hard work will all go in Vain.
History will never forgive them for their inability to stand up when their hard work and sacrifices were hijacked due to the greediness of their own cadres and wrong policies at the expense of the general public-the same public who had given unfettered support and consent before the advent of Unabated Taxations in our own Land by our own National worker in the name for Sovereignty for their own people.


– The present State government who had come to power winning a landslide majority where more than 80% + population of our State had voted, irrespective of its means and ways it had applied to win, has a very big responsible to the safety and Security of its mass populous.
– The present status of our state is in a very critical situation where one does not feel Secure and Safe in our own Home and State. The present atmosphere is not conducive for free expression of our mind and thought and in such critical atmosphere the State has a greater responsibility and role to play to safeguard the Interest of its citizens-citizens who have professed faith on them to deliver them from such atmosphere and conditions.
– The present Government must use all its machineries and resources cutting across any “ISM” and parties and rise above everything to ensure the security and safety of its own People.
– The choice for our Honorable Chief minister-Mr. RIO-is simple whether he wants to be remembered in History as a Just, Bold and Honorable Man who had the best wishes for its People or Did nothing when during his Rule his State of Nagaland was Burning and its citizen were Suffering.
– The true test of leadership is known during the time of Adversities, the time has come for our leaders-Political, National workers and the NGO’s-to show their real character otherwise History will never forgive them for generations to come.


– The State of Nagaland has witness unprecedented uproar in recent days and months for a change against the Ill’s and disease of our State and its people in the form of protest and airing the views of the masses in different platform.
– The much desired expression of the common men voice lead by ACAUT, NSF and bold and brave writers like T. Solo, Khekeyie Sema (Rtd-IAS) etc is like a Maana from heaven.
– Nagaland is known for its bravery and honor but sad to say it’s only in words but this time few groups and individuals has proved that indeed We can both Bark and Bite. The expression of various persons especially in Face Book Naga Blog has shown that we are evolving inspite of the odds and the atmosphere in which we lived.
– If we do not try to build our own house and weed the evil and diseases from our own place, nobody will come and help us to clean our own house. We have to Help ourselves to have a better tomorrow otherwise history will never forgive us nor can we live with our conscience that we did Nothing when it matter most.
– The Rise of the masses in ARAB countries is a clear message that there is a limit to which the voice of the masses can be suppressed and the day the Mass Public realize their Power then No great power or Guns can cow down their Voices.

The write-up is an expression of my feelings that No Sovereignty can be sustained without Economic Sovereignty, which is Equally important if not less than Political Sovereignty.

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