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Taxation bid forces SBI closure

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2013 2:20 am

Staff Reporter

IN an unprecedented development, the public of Chumukedima are facing financial constraints as the State Bank of India (SBI), Chumukedima Branch, has been forced to cease functioning for three days in a row since August 14 last without any reason being given.While unconfirmed sources have indicated threats from a certain Naga political group, SBI officials have alluded to technical snags during the past few days leading to closure of the bank.
According to unconfirmed sources, a Naga political group had demanded a one time 20% cut of their monthly salary from the staff of SBI, Chumukedima Branch, which was accordingly not fulfilled. What was most distressing was that the Branch staff as well as the officials from the Regional office had feigned ignorance over receiving such threats.
Sources informed that the Branch Manager, who is currently on leave in Guwahati, had intimated officials in the Local Head Office, Guwahati, of having received threats/ intimidation from the Naga national group to comply with the demand. It was learned that in response to the report of such development, the Local Head Office in Guwahati had directed closure of the office till further notice.
Following the development, officials of the Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce and Industries met officials of the Regional Office with an appeal to resume the normal functioning of the bank. The members have also assured to safeguard and provide security against activities of anti-social elements.
In the course of discussion, SBI officials assured to make all possible arrangements to make the branch office functional by way of convincing the Local Head Office so that the service provided to the customers is not hampered in any manner.
Stating that bank officials have good relationship with all kinds of people, the bank officials were of the opinion that they should be spared from such donation drives as they are working purely in the service of the public.
Meanwhile, the officials have also appreciated the gesture of the Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce and Industries for the concern towards the hardship faced by the public of Chumukedima.
Bank officials also informed that temporary alternative measures have been arranged at Purana Bazaar branch for all financial transactions. They have assured to convince the higher authority so that the functioning of the bank at Chumukedima could be resumed at the earliest.
The closure has largely affected old age pensioners, government employees and parents of those students pursuing studies outside the State. Based on the assurance of the officials of the Regional Office, public of Chumukedima, for the moment, have to make do till the resumption of the bank’s normal function.

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2013 2:20:13 am