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Tap the oil reserve to elevate economy: ZPO

By EMN Updated: Oct 14, 2014 12:41 am


The Zeliang People Organisation (ZPO) Nagaland is all out for exploration of oil and natural gas in Peren district which it hoped would elevate the economy of the State and that unless the oil reserve is tapped it will remain useless. “It is high time that we understand the pragmatic of reality for the greater glory and prosperity of our community.”
ZPO president Kiezin Zeliang in a statement said, “This cannot be done at our own efforts. No wonder, critic could be sine quo non for progress but critics without constructive ideas only degrade and discourage developmental activities.”
Stating that many heard and unheard organizations have cropped up and opposed the preproduction of oil and gas which was recently launched by Chief Minister TR Zeliang in Peren district, ZPO said that it was nothing but a destructive force who would not understand the propriety of Land Ownership Act and Constitution 371 (A).
The ZPO maintained that the vibrant Zeme customary laws chapter 26 Article No.4 clause A & B, states very clearly about the status of land and area ownership i.e; (a) Actual land owner is Kideu Mpaube; means land and resources belonged to a particular village with finite demarcation. (b) Areas owner is Heram Mpaube, means all the land under the jurisdiction of Zeme area should be under the control of Zeme Council of Nagaland.
Meanwhile, the Zeliang apex organization has congratulated and appreciated the Chief Minister for his bold act of launching preproduction of oil and natural gas at Old Jalukie Village amidst many enthusiasts. It said, this showed the unison voice supporting the government policy which was never done by any default but through pragmatic approach.
“Remember that, we’ve been unknowingly living on this (oil) black liquid gold for centuries in penury life but become ambitious without knowing our own strength and weakness as well as advantages only after discovering the oil deposit in our land. No doubt, there could be huge reserve of oil in our land but unless we could tap it, it could be akin to the proverbial of ‘an unbroken coconut is useless for monkey’, the ZPO stated, adding, “Similarly, it is useless unless we can properly explore and tap as to elevate our economy and this cannot be done at our own efforts. The unprecedented initiative of the CM in launching the preproduction of oil and gas was the right step where every Zeliang should appreciate if at all we have to march forward.”

By EMN Updated: Oct 14, 2014 12:41:53 am