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Take this pill or, you will not get well!

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2013 8:58 pm

Liba Hopeson, BTC, Pfutsero

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] VIVIDLY remember how my mother used to urge and compel my younger sister to take tablet when she was ill, for she would refuse it. The simple reason of her refusal was that, the pill was bitter. By then, she was just a young girl. Though my mom put medicine into her mouth, she would simply mutter and just spit it out. So, the method of crushing the medicine, putting it in a spoon, adding water with sugar and giving her was applied. Still then, she would take it grudgingly.Therefore, in such moment, my mom would tell her, ‘take this or, you will not get well. With this illustration, I would like to bring some ideas on why we need to accept certain things in life, though they are bitter and unpleasant.
In fact, I have been musing over this for quite a long time, intending to put it into writing. For, I have experienced several times in my life, and I thought, it would be appropriate to share with others too. In our life, we eat different kinds and varieties of foods and fruits which are sweet, sour, bitter, palatable and unpalatable. It’s good for our health. In our life journey too, we encounter many things which are not pleasant, but bitter. We detest various things. But all those bitter experiences which displease us are not trivial and futile. It is substantiated by the fact that, most of us confess the value of such acrid experiences, albeit lately. But, many would not relinquish, and persist to assert their rights erroneously, though it is for learning – something they need to accept in life.
Apparently, different bitter experiences are given to us in order to straighten us. Actually, we were created good, but we make our ways crooked in many ways. Just like we need to eat bitter food or fruits, we need bitter experience. It comes in diverse ways and forms. In many instances, it is faced by all individuals – may or may not be known by others – depending on how one share with others and how others observe. However, as I think over, many a time, it comes from people.
Such bitter pill is given to the Church leaders, political leaders, National leaders, bureaucrats, officers, students, teachers and many more. It comes often in the form of corrections, criticisms, oppositions and rebuke. It is given through newspapers, verbal talks and different actions. Such pills are truly bitter. Many of us reckon that such experiences are unfortunate and awfully affect our well being. We think, they add more troubles and burdens in our life.
Therefore, most of us react in defense for our right and privilege. We really don’t want to accept such things. Very often, with much discontentment and anger, we react in an outlandish and repulsive manner. Nonetheless, I have realized well that, we need such bitter pill in our life. Just as my mom forcefully give bitter pill to my sister, saying, take this pill or you will not get well, bitter experience is given to us, because it is indispensable in our life.
Indeed, I have faced many bitter experiences, and I continue to face. I give a lot of time thinking about those experiences. Many a time, I simply concluded at first that, they were unfortunate and valueless.
For, like other human beings, I want to live a happy and peaceful life – a life free of pains and sufferings – a comfort life. Thus, with much resentment and displeasure, I also react in different ways. Even after the realization of the necessity of taking bitter pill or facing biter experience, I continued to react, not readily willing to accept them as necessity for my life. However, after the realization, even though I react, what was truly in mind and heart, and what comes out from my mouth and how I act was, entirely different. So, it is in a way, a refutation to the idea that, we speak and act what is in our mind and heart. However, this is neither an exaggeration nor a concocted story, but a fact. I would like to let you know that, such substantial realization didn’t come to me easily. Only after thinking for quite a long time, at times, rejecting my own notions and interests, it dawned in me. I consider that, it was not a profound thought, not my brilliance or intelligence, which made me to realize this. But, I consider that, someone or something not seen was behind me, helping me to come to that realization. It was the Spirit of God who dwells in me. Some may say it’s the inner voice, instinct, conscience and so on.
The core message that I intend to give in this write-up is that, there are certain things which are bitter and unpleasant, but we need to accept, though we don’t really like. Certain experiences are known only by God and us. Even our parents, relatives and close friends do not know many things about us, yet we endure. On the other hand, there are many things, seen and known by others too. We get bitter pill from others several times. Those who fail to realize that bitter experiences are necessary in life, get major injuries. They make enemies with others for long time – some even life-time. If we realize and know the importance of taking bitter pills in life, we could accept many things better than others. After a long thought on this matter, I come to the conclusion that, such realization is received more by those who think about life, more profoundly and solemnly. It is best realized by those who are led by the Spirit of God. Many have taken bitter pills reluctantly, and even without their realization, they have improved and benefited immensely. In other words, bitter experiences have helped them greatly in their life, but they don’t really know that they have gained from those experiences.
One probable reason is that, in many instances, those experiences which bring good results come lately. So, in order to know the importance and value of taking bitter pills, it is apt to think about our experiences, connecting the present and past life. I believe, those who know the importance of taking bitter pill, will do greater things in life. Another good thing is that, they will have less regrets. For, they consider those experiences as imperative in their life, and they think that those things happen for good. I often think of Romans 3:28, which says, everything happens for good for those who love good and it proves to be beneficial. We have less regrets, not because we compromise our mistakes or make excuses, but we learn from the mistakes and bitter experiences we face. But, I don’t mean that we should wait anxiously for bitter pills or bitter experiences. It will just come. What we need to do is to listen to the voice, which says, ‘take this pill, or you will not get well’. According to me, one main reason we need to take such pill is, ‘we are obstinate beings’. If we don’t take it, like my sister who wouldn’t get well if she didn’t take a bitter pill, things will not go well in our life. Bitter things also produce sweet things.

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