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Take disability as a challenge and not as impairment: Merentoshi

By EMN Updated: Dec 04, 2014 1:16 am

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Along with rest of the world, Dimapur Wednesday observed the International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) at Covenant Hall, Christian Higher Secondary School, Dimapur
The programme was organized by Exodus Disabled Organization Federation in collaboration with Prodigals Home, Development Association of Nagaland and People in Need Foundation. The theme for 2014 this year’s IDPD is “sustainable development, the promise of technology”, however, the organizers have chosen 2013 theme: “Break Barriers, Open Doors: for an inclusive society and development for all” as they felt it is more appropriate to Nagaland context. Speaking as the chief guest, Advisor and Chairman SIRD & Minerals Merentoshi Jamir stated that disabled people can achieve greater things if they take the disability as a challenge and not as impairment.
“There are great peoples, but greater people are people with disabilities. Few persons with disabilities like modern scientist Stephen Hawking, musician Stevie Wonder, etc, have excelled and contributed immensely to the society,” Merentoshi said while encouraging the disabled community not to feel themselves as a weak person but to have the courage with a strong determination to fulfill the dreams they have.
He also underscored the urgent need to create public awareness for disabled children by making disabled friendly environment in every way possible.
“Various positive measures will be taken for the welfare of the disabled community and the public also would be sensitized to create a disabled friendly environment,” Merentoshi said after being told about the various problems faced by the special people of Dimapur.
Senior Specialist Dr. Imlitemsu Ozukum, MD (PMR) highlighted on the lack of infrastructure and lack of proper facilities which he said is the main problem faced by the disabled people. He, therefore, proposed the need for a centre for the disabled society in Dimapur district.
Dr Imlitemsu Ozukum, who is said to be the only disabled doctor in Nagaland, also observed that teaching the special children how to be independent will help the society in a greater way.
Stating that there are two kinds of disability problem – by birth and acquired, Dr Ozukum said that early medical intervention helps the patients in many ways.
“Medical rehabilitation is the most important of all kinds of rehabilitation as without constant medical care, such kind of children gets worse,” he added.
During the programme, it was also brought to light that the only District Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DDRC) which was existent since 2010 is now closed down because of which the disabled children of Dimapur are struggling.
Various songs and dances were presented by the special children while Person with Disabilities (PWDs) and the parents of PWDs also spoke during the occasion.
As present, there are 52 Disabled People’s Organizations (DPO) in Dimapur working for the welfare of the disabled children of the district. And there are 250 disabled children and more than 500 families and friends who are a part of the IDPD.

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