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T Khel leads medal tally at KVSA Meet

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 20, 2022 9:30 pm
Players are seen in action during table tennis competition at the State Indoor Stadium in Kohima. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Jan. 20 (EMN): Tsütuonuomia (T) Khel continues to lead the medal tally of the ongoing 65th Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) organised by Kohima Village Youth Organisation (KVYO), in Kohima on Thursday.

At the end of the day-four events, T Khel is on top with 26 medals consisting of 13 gold, nine silver and four bronze. Pfuchatsumia (P) Khel are in the second position of the medal standings with seven gold, eight silver and six bronze.

Lhisemia L (Khel) are third with six gold, ten silver and five bronze, while Dapfhütsumia (D) Khel are at the bottom with four gold, two silver and six bronze.

In the men’s 100 m race Neiketoulie Belho (T Khel) 11:31 sec, Vivor Kesiezie (L Khel) 11:62 sec and Seyievizo Kire (D Khel) 11:78 sec secured the first, second and third respectively, while in men’s 400 m race, Keneitsizo Belho (T Khel) 53:97 sec, Dziesezotuo Rutsa (P Khel) 54:10 sec and Kekhriezhanyü Pienyü (P Khel) 55:94 sec stood first, second and third respectively.

Rüduolhounuo Belho (T Khel) 1:09:87 won the women’s 400 m race. Kelhouneinuo Rutsa (P Khel) 1:11:67 and Akhrienuo Linyü (L Khel) 1:12:31 min secured second and third position.

In men’s 5000 m race, Kevise Belho (T Khel) 18:04:97 emerged as the winner with  Thejakhrielie Mechülho (P Khel) 28:07:38 and Khriebeilie Sorhie (L Khel) 18:29:09 securing the second and third position.

Seyievizo Kire (D Khel) 42.9 m, Ketoukhriezo Whuorie (T Khel) 41.6 m and Petekhrietuo Rutsa (P Khel) 40.1 m won the first, second and third respectively in the men’s javelin throw,.

Kevirüüduo Dzüvichü (L Khel) secured the gold in men’s triple jump followed by Mhasiletuo Yhome (L Khel) and Kenenguzo Sote (P Khel) as the second and third.

In women’s discus throw, Khriesiesanuo Whuorie (T Khel) 22.6 m, Neilavonuo Kire (D Khel) 21.9 m and Neingusanuo Kire (D Khel) 20.5 m secured the first, second and third position.

While in men’s shotput, Seyiekhrietuo Yiese (D Khel) 11.9 m, Kezhaseluo Pienyü (D Khel) 11.3 m and Seluokuolie Kire (D Khel) 11.3 m secured the first, second and third.

 Akhrienuo Linyü (L Khel) 8.8 m won the women’s triple jump followed by Dzisengunuo Solo (T Khel) 8.6 m in second and Pelekhonuo Mepfhüo (L Khel) 8.1 m in the third position.

L Khel claimed the first position in the badminton ground competition, while P Khel secured second position. In women’s table tennis, P Khel became the winners while D Khel won the second position.

In the men’s table tennis competition, P Khel emerged as the champions with T Khel in second position. In mixed doubles table tennis, L Khel emerged as the winners, while P Khel won the second position.

On Friday, remaining matches of basketball for men and women will commence from 7 am, while volleyball for both will begin from 9 am onwards.

Other indoor game competitions will continue at 12 noon at the State Indoor Stadium, while the football final will take place at 5 pm in IG Stadium.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 20, 2022 9:30:15 pm