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Survival Nagaland (SN) against providing business space to IBIs

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2015 12:53 am


The Survival Nagaland has expressed a serious concern over the number of shops allegedly allotted to outsiders especially IBIs at the Naga Shopping Arcade commonly known as the Dimapur Super-Market. SN questioned the Development Authority of Nagaland why and how such a high number of shops in ‘our land’ has been allocated to these outsiders especially IBIs. SN said it will be filing an RTI in the coming weeks to find out as to under whose names and firms have these shops and licenses been allotted.
According to the statement of the SN, pharmacies, pan-shops, grocers, essential stores etc are all been run by them while “our own Nagas are being deprived even of places and spaces to run business in our own land and others enjoy all the benefits”.
The SN then said the new ISBT Complex at Purana Bazaar has also started swarming with shops run by IBIs in its premises. It has asked the NST department to do the needful at the earliest and cancel the allotments and give them to the unemployed Nagas. “Issuing of driving licenses by the Dimapur District Transport and number of vehicles under Naga names is now a matter of great alarm and a great disadvantage for all our educated unemployed Naga youths who have no money to start even a small business,” the SN statement also said. “It is said that taxis and autos driven by our own Nagas do not get even space to park and have to wait in queues for hours for their turns,” it added.
It has also appealed to the Dimapur Municipal Corporation to strictly monitor the issuing of trade licenses and shop registrations and said the number of lists of non-locals and locals will be asked for a proper census to enlighten all the Nagas. “Further, the newly constructed shopping complex at the Forest Colony Dimapur should be only allotted to genuine unemployed Nagas and compromising our future by any individual, group or agency which will be deemed as selling away our birth right, anti- Naga and shall be viewed very seriously by all the new young generation Nagas student bodies are also informed to check the admission of IBI children whose number has swelled almost around to 70% to 80% especially in many areas surrounding Dimapur and also majority of the funds from the government of India like SSA/RMSA or other facilities are all going to them instead of our own under-privileged and deserving Naga children,” it alleged.
The SN then asked the district administrations to properly verify as to how many people are issued ILP documents monthly and how many of them are over staying or coming again for renewal of the ILP. “Without this proper mechanism ILP has become a mere joke because if this was rightly and properly implemented our Nagaland would never have been swarmed by illegal immigrants today which have endangered our very existence,” the SN pointed out.
“The survival of our children now has become a big question as they are openly raped, kidnapped and murdered here in our own land. The SN movement has asked every Naga to ponder their conscience if making some easy money or selling away the entire next generation is more important for them. It is high time for Nagas to wake up before our land is completely devoured by these illegal immigrants,” it alerted.

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2015 12:53:46 am