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Survival Nagaland irked by NPGs using IBIs for tax collection

By EMN Updated: Feb 19, 2015 12:04 am


The Survival Nagaland vehemently condemned the recruitment of Illegal Bangldeshi Immigrants (IBIs) as tax collectors and in other ranks and files by the ‘Naga political groups’ (NPGs). “We question the NSCN (IM) authorities as to how Nurjahan Hussein who was caught by the Assam Rifles with a 9mm pistol and a silencer,has confessed himself that he was working as tax collector under one Johar Ali and Hashim who seemed to be the chief collector of NSCN (IM) from Dimapur main business centres. This shows very clearly how our people and our children’s future have become insecure and unsafe by such an act,” the SN expressed concern in its statement.
It then asked, “How can our national workers possibly do this?” “We ask them to come out publicly what their agenda is for recruiting such illegal immigrants in the Naga national movement”, added the SN in the press note. “We would like to question whether the freedom they are fighting for is for Nagas or these Bangladeshis and if accumulating wealth through collection of taxes was the main objective or fighting the Naga sovereignty is more important cause?,” it also asked. The aim of ‘Greater Bangladesh’ propagated by Islamic radicals has now come out in the open with their policy of ‘economic domination and population explosion’ which has been termed as ‘silent invasion’ by many scholars is no longer a secret anymore, the SN stated. Bangladesh cannot sustain its own ever-growing uncontrolled population due to an extreme economic disparity and natural calamities.
The SN then reminded that about 70 percent of the land mass of Bangladesh will also be submerged by sea-water due to global warming by 2030-40 .Scientists and sociologists has warned that the complete demographic structure of the North-East India is going to be changed unless some extraordinary measures are not taken immediately. It is not far way too that if the influx of IBI population is not controlled immediately in Nagaland, the municipal seats and assembly constituencies of Dimapur will be in their hands within just decades and a half as almost economic activities are in their hands by collaborating with the NPGs, it added. “Thanks to our GBs/Chairmen and our other leaders for making them our genuine citizen of our land by issuing them permanent resident certificates .Our short sightedness for making some easy and temporary benefits is going to destroy us permanently,” the SN cautioned.
SN also asks the Naga Hoho, NMA and the NSF about their stand on “our NPGs recruiting these IBIs into our freedom movement completely endangering our very existence”. The SN has asked the Naga bodies to publicly give out their opinion and let the whole Naga people know what they are going to do about it. “It has reached a stage where the young generation Nagas can no longer remain silent when our land, our children and our future are now threatened by these menace as our leaders seems to be unmoved,” the Survival Nagaland asserted .

By EMN Updated: Feb 19, 2015 12:04:47 am