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Survey works on four-lane NH to begin

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2013 12:28 am


RECTIFICATION and “pillaring” along the proposed four-lane national highway from Kukidolong in Dimapur to Piphema under Kohima is to commence from September 23. All departments associated with the development as well as village leaders along the sta5ted route are requested to assist the team overseeing the survey. The district administration of Dimapur issued an order today stating that rectification and “pillaring” along the national highway according to the alignment-stipulations of the National Highways Authority of India within “the ROW” from Kukidolong up to Piphema. The order appended by Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur N Husheli Sema did not explain what “the ROW” was.
All the government departments are requested to assist in the survey. The departments the DC named were the Land Resources department, Public Works Department (roads & Bridges), Housing, national highway, Electrical, Forest, Irrigation, Horticulture, Soil & Water Conservation, Fisheries, Agriculture and others. They are requested to assist the surveyors wherever necessary till the “re-survey” works are completed.
Likewise, all “Gaonbura” (GBs) and chairmen of village councils in the areas between Kukidolong to Piphema are requested to inform all concerned land owners to extend ‘full cooperation’ to the survey team for “smooth conduct of re-survey and re-alignment of the 4-lane national highway till completion of the said works.”

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2013 12:28:01 am