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Surumi, Longsa villages rekindle friendship

By EMN Updated: Jan 09, 2014 11:32 pm


Rekindling the age old friendship of Surumi and Longsa village, friendship feast exchange programme was hosted by Shivukhu Shikhu at Medical Colony, Suruhuto town, on January 7 at 10:30 a.m. The programme was inspired by the friendship of Shivukhu Shikhu of Surumi village and Yashikhaba Ao of Longsa village.Speaking on the occasion, Shetoyi Sumi, Parliamentary Secretary for Soil and Water Conservation and Fisheries who also hails from Surumi village, expressed his happiness for the enduring friendship maintained by the two villages. He said the two villages have produced high ranking government officials and political leaders.
He has particularly mentioned his personal and official relationship with Alemtemsu Jamir, the present State Chief Secretary, and the minister for Sports and Youth Resources Merentoshi Jamir. He expressed confidence that the friendship between Surumi and Longsa village will be a bridge between Sumi and Ao tribes and bring the two tribes more closer than ever. Shetoyi exhorted that the friendship between the two tribes should motivate and inspire Nagas to emotionally integrate and come together as one big family.
Nivishe Aye, retired PA to DC, and Imtitemjen, former chairman of Longsa Village Council, have related the history of friendship between Surumi and Longsa village. Supongmeren, former MLA, also spoke on the occasion.
The organizer of the programme Shivukhu Shikhu and Yashikhaba Ao spoke on the occasion and eulogized their personal friendship as well as the friendship between the two villages. People in huge numbers from both the villages attended the programme.
The programme was chaired by Hekishe Shikhu, while the students of Medical Colony presented ‘Unity in diversity’ to mark the opening of the programme. The invocation prayer was said by Pastor Longsa village, welcome address by Qheniho, GB of Surumi village, special song by Heroto and friend, folk songs by both Surumi and Longsa village and benediction by Hotokhu pastor.

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