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Supply colony adjudged best performing colony on SWM

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2015 11:57 pm

Dimapur, January 22

“Being a young man, I know myself that I have tremendous energy, strength and potential that I can contribute towards the betterment of the society” said Athilu Khrasi, CEO, Pro Rural in his address during the Evaluation and Recognition Day of best performing Waste Wise Managers Teams in Dimapur held at Supply Colony today. He further pointed out that there are many areas where young people have the roles to play and one such area is, “Better Urban Solid Waste Management” taken up by the Waste Wise Managers and initiated by Pro Rural NGO in Dimapur city.
“Young people cannot afford to blame others when they themselves are not doing the things, which they can also do. At the same time, the concerned authorities and elders should also recognize and acknowledge the role and duties of the young people in building the society. Our society is still largely failing to understand this gap, and which is often amounting to misunderstanding and confusion in Naga society today opined Khrasi.”
To break through the gap and acknowledge the due contribution by the young people, Waste Wise Managers for better urban solid waste management in Dimapur city, at the Evaluation and Recognition Day, Supply Colony was adjudged as the best performing colony of the year 2014. Riverbelt Colony, Lower Khel and Island Colony were awarded in the second and third places respectively by Pro Rural in collaboration with UN-Habitat India Youth Fund and Narotam Sheksharia Foundation, Mumbai.
Program Coordinator of NSF of Mumbai Prayash Giria extended profound appreciation to the Waste Wise Managers for taking up the challenge to make Dimapur a cleaner city. Prayash also stated, it is the responsibility of every citizen, young or old for an integral solid waste management system to minimize and possibly to eliminate public and environmental health problems and promote well-being of the community urgently.
GB of Supply Colony, Yenito Swu lauded Pro Rural for taking up the initiative and mobilizing young people to be Waste Wise Managers, which have brought about desirable change in the colony. He stated, “A Clean City is a strong reflection of our moral and civic values”. The GB also encouraged the youth to keep up the dignity of labor as they lead to make a model colony.

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