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Sumis sever ties with NSCN (IM)

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IN the aftermath of December 21 incident in Zunheboto and subsequent flushing out of NSCN (IM) cadres from their designated camp at Mukalimi, the Sumi general public under the aegis of Sumi Hoho held a meeting at Zunheboto town hall today and passed a four-point resolution after thorough deliberation. The meeting resolved to delink relationship and sever all ties with the NSCN (IM) with immediate effect. Therefore, all kinds of taxations from the Sumis to the NSCN (IM) shall cease to exist, Sumi Hoho president Hovishe Arkha, Sumi Kukami Hoho president Ghovito Zhimomi, Sumi Totimi Hoho president Kitoli Naje and Sumi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu president Holuvi Chophy said in a joint release issued after the meeting,
The meeting also warned that in the event of any faction/factions or group of people intimidating or committing excesses to either Sumi individual or community in the coming days, the Sumi public will rise up against that particular faction/factions or group/groups of people.
“As per the Sumi Public Rally Resolution No. 2 of December 26, 2013, NSCN-IM shall not be permitted to establish its Designated Camp within Sumi inhabited areas which shall be intimated to the concerned authority for necessary action,” one of the resolutions of the meeting said.
The meeting also declared December 28 as Sumi Martyrs Day in memory of late Paketo Assumi and late Ghukiye Zhimomi who laid down their lives for the cause and destiny of the Sumi people. The day will be observed annually. The burial place for the Sumi martyrs donated by sons of late Kuhozu of Sukhalu village shall be called Sumi Martyrs Park, it was also resolved.
The joint release said these resolutions were adopted in the backdrop of December 21 incident wherein three NSCN-IM cadres inflicted severe injury, committed sexual harassment, attempted rape and murder on innocent Sumis and consequent upon the failure of the NSCN (IM) to hand over the culprits to the district administration as a result of which as per Resolution No. 1 of December 26, 2013, the Sumi public flushed out NSCN (IM) cadres from their designated camp at Mukalimi. The entire flush out operation which lasted three days cost the lives of two Sumi volunteers and left six others injured, it added.

Isak Chishi Swu’s message to Sumis

TERMING the December 21 incident at Aghuyito village near Zunheboto town as ‘very unfortunate’, NSCN/GPRN chairman Isak Chishi Swu said, “We believe that human beings are not perfect but we also know that human conditions can be corrected. Right and wrong will occur not only today amongst us but in the midst of this, although it may take time, the correct assessment of all issues is a must.”
In his message, on behalf of the Collective Leadership of NSCN/GPRN, to Sumi brothers and sisters today, Swu stressed that justice is essential and required by the human society at all times.
Stating that “We are for justice and We are serious”, he said a Kilonser Team’s Mission was dispatched but they were coerced to sign a paper under duress.
“We respect and welcome our people to understand together on any issues. But we cannot accept any forced imposition upon us and this is the only difference in our approach to a solution,” he stated.
He said NSCN/GPRN never blamed the public but frenzy whipped up and fishing in the troubled waters cannot be tolerated at any cost.
“We have never said the actions of our three errant cadres were right; neither denied nor justified it and accordingly after conducting thorough investigation punishment was meted out to them as per the Ahza of the Government,” he stated.
Also stating that “our political struggle is steadfast journey towards its destination through the continuous support of the Naga people”, Swu said the Sumi people are very much part of this proud history that has helped in shaping the destiny of the Nagas.
“My dear Sumi brothers and sisters, we cannot falter during this decisive moment for the task entrusted upon us by the Naga people. Together we must defend the Naga nation from the enemy of different shades,” he said in his message.
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