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Sumi students demand Govt teachers attend office

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2015 11:47 pm
Community leaders of Pughoboto sub-division seen after a joint meeting on February 7.
Community leaders of Pughoboto sub-division seen after a joint meeting on February 7.

Dimapur, February 9

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] frontal organization of students representing the Sumi Naga community has asked government workers, including officials and teachers, stationed in Pughoboto sub-division to be present in their offices or face penalty if found to be shirking their duties.
Sumi Aphuyemi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu (SAKK) met with community leaders, local authorities and institutions of Pughoboto area, under Dimapur district, recently. During the meeting with community leaders a number of decisions, including taking strict measures against negligent government workers, were taken.The students’ organization was represented by President Tohovi Swu and Joel Sumi Assumi, general secretary, of the SAKK. The meeting was conducted on February 7 in the town hall of Pughoboto.
The Sumi Aphuyemi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu convened the meeting with all the leaders of village education committees, headmasters, head teachers, teachers-in-charge and local community groups such as the SAKH, SATH, SATWO, and village council chairmen and village leaders of Pughoboto.
The students’ organization convened the meeting to discuss the condition of the educational system in the area and to seek a culture of imparting quality education to the students of the community, the organization informed on Monday.
After discussions, the local leaders decided to prohibit “proxy system of teaching” in areas falling under Pughoboto. The prohibition will come into effect from this year, the SAKK informed.
“If any teacher found practicing this method, salary will be held up by SAKK as final warning. Even after that if he/she is still practicing and found then the union will report to the higher authority to take action according to the bond sign by him or her,” the organization informed in a press release on February 9.
The meeting also resolved that every government department in the jurisdiction must keep their offices open during office hours. If any departments are found “not functioning, action will be taken by SAKK by informing to the higher authority and publicize in the media because the union will be checking the office without any information,” the students’ group stated.
Another decision that was taken during the meeting was to prohibit the sale of intoxicants such as tobacco within 100 feet of school establishments.
Another issue that was raised was the issue of the non-detention policy. The policy, which does not detain a student in the same calls even if they performed poorly, was deliberated at length by the community’s leaders.
The feedback from the teachers and leaders was that the policy was not ‘quality-oriented’ but ‘quantity-oriented.’
“Many teachers suggested that the government needs to review the policy because this system is not up to our standard. Due to this policy students take advantage and even if they don’t study they will be promoted. After passing class VIII when the student appeared for board examination majority of the student fail even to get a pass mark,” the SAAK stated. The call for review of the non-detention policy was also raised by a major Naga students’ organization recently.

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