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Sumi society warn truant, absentee govt. workers

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 12:10 am

Dimapur, February 25

The call against absenteeism in government establishments in Nagaland continues. Two major organizations representing the Sumi students have issued a statement warning against truant government employees who shirk their duties.
The Sumi Aphuyemi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu (SAKK) and the Western Sumi Students’ Union issued separate statements on Wednesday warning government staffers and officers not to shirk their work and attendance.
The Sumi Aphuyemi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu has expressed dismay that “government employees under Pughoboto sub-division” including ‘many heads of departments’ stay away from their postings. As a consequence, most employees and staffers are ‘taking an advantage because the head of department went absent for the entire month.’
“Many government offices were found ‘locked’ and without maintaining even the attendance register,” the organization stated. SAKK leaders led by its president Tohovi Swu, inspected government establishments in Pughoboto sub-division on January 30. ‘Out of 16 departments, only 5 department offices were open and the rest were closed and some found never functioning for continuous 2 to 3 months,’ the SAAK said. The Sumi students’ group has asked all the heads of departments and their employee to attend their duties and be in office during office hours.
‘This time the union will not publish those offices found closed and not functioning. However, in the next inspection if the SAKK finds any anomalies, the organization will take action by informing to the higher authority and publicize the matter in the media,’ the SAAK stated.
The union has assured that it will continue to undertake frequent surprise visits to all the government offices under Pughoboto “to ensure strict attendance of offices in the interest of the general mass.”
Likewise, the Western Sumi Students’ Union issued a separate note on Wednesday warning of action against truant government officers and employees. The WSSU ‘appealed’ to all government offices and institutions to attend to their duties regularly.
The union also requested the heads of departments and institutions not to entertain “proxy” employees under any circumstance. Rather, the government institutions must strictly implement the ‘no work, no pay” policy against the absentee, irregular, and truant employees, the students’ organization stated.
Members of the WSSU will be inspecting offices and various government institutions within the western Sumi areas “at any moment and if found the matter will be forwarded to higher authority for necessary action,” the press release stated.
The WSSU has directed all its units to maintain strict ‘vigil within their areas in all working days.’ Any complaints they find are to be reported to the WSSU’s office for necessary action, the press release added.

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 12:10:28 am