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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sumi pastors urged to propagate unity message to NNPGs

By EMN Updated: Jun 21, 2017 11:35 pm

Kohima, June 20 (EMN): The first ever Sumi Pastor’s inter-denomination hoho, organised and hosted by the Sumi Baptist Convention (SBC) was held at Sumi Baptist Church Kohima (SBCK).
The programme saw the attendance of pastors from various Sumi Church associations including, SBAK (NM), SBAK Aizuto, SABAK, WSBAK, Catholic, Pentecost etc.
Speaking at the programme, chairman of Board of Deacons SBCK, Y. Kikheto Sema, IAS while appreciating Rev. Dr. Khehovi Shohe, Director of SBC under whose leadership the conference is being held, said the SBCK was hosting the conference as it stood for ‘peace building’ in the society. Informing that an inter-denomination Sumi Christian Fellowship has been started in Kohima, he expressed hope that the coming together of all Sumi pastors would contribute to peace building and a better society.Kikheto urged upon the pastors to work towards unity among themselves and carry the message to the Naga National Political Groups and to live by example to bring positive changes in the society, especially the Sumi community.
“If you do not unite among yourselves first, then your preaching about unity to the NNPGs will not be taken seriously. Our disunity in the church, NNPGs etc. should not cause inconvenience to others”, he added.
Kikheto also emphasised on the need for the Church to out-rightly condemn factional killings and all sorts of crime.
While observing the huge number of associations within the Church, he called for minimizing of such associations and concentrates more on winning souls for the Lord. He asserted that even conferences and crusades being conducted are becoming more like a competition than to bring positive change, he added.
Stating that the Church and the government were not enemies against either, the pastors were urged to preach to their congregation about respecting the government as mentioned in the Bible.
Rev. Dr. Khehovi Shohe, Director of SBCC highlighted the objectives of the conference. He also stressed on the need to come together and strengthen for the common cause of God’s glory. He thanked SBCK for hosting the first Sumi pastor inter-denominational hoho.
Pastors of SBAK and SABAK presented special numbers during the programme. Pastor, SBCK, Dr. Hokheto delivered the sermon.

By EMN Updated: Jun 21, 2017 11:35:07 pm