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Sumi organisation seeks ‘urgent restoration’ of bridges

By EMN Updated: Sep 29, 2017 12:32 am

Dimapur, Sep. 28 (EMN): The Western Sumi Hoho has appealed the state government to ‘urgently restore the collapsed bridges between New Showuba and Vihokhu, and Nihoto villages’, reported to have been demolished during Wednesday’s heavy rainfall.
“With the collapsed bridges, lifeline to Niuland has been almost cut off with the only alternative route from Patkai-Seithiekema – Kuhuboto – Niuland which is very tedious and makes the route longer by almost two hours. Thousands of public of the area and hundreds of villages have been isolated from Dimapur town owing to the severed connectivity. “Therefore, in the interest of the public, the WSH requests the state government to put in all its machineries and resources available to restore normalcy in the connectivity,” a press release from the Western Sumi Hoho stated on Thursday.

By EMN Updated: Sep 29, 2017 12:32:47 am