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Sumi Hoho sticks to Baghi Hoho resolution

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2014 11:27 pm


Despite the Naga Hoho’s call for reconciliatory measures with the NSCN (IM) ‘in the interest of the Naga issue’, the Sumi Hoho has in response to the call, reiterated to stick to resolution No. 2 arrived at during the Sumi Baghi Hoho (Sumi general public meeting) held on January 7.The decision in this regard was arrived at a general meeting of the Sumi Hoho along with the representatives of all the Sumi frontal organisations represented by Western Sumi Hoho, Eastern Sumi Sub Hoho, Northern Sumi Sub Hoho and Kohima Sumi Sub Hoho on February 7 at Sumi Hoho Ki at Zunheboto, a press release issued by Hovishe Arkha and Vihuto Assumi, president and general secretary of Sumi Hoho respectively.
The Sumi Baghi Hoho has earlier resolved to severe all ties between Sumis and the NSCN-IM and therefore all kinds of taxations from the Sumis to the latter shall cease to exist.
The meeting also resolved to declare February 12, 2014 as ‘Sumi Prayer and Fasting Day’ and therefore appealed every Sumi to observe the day with prayers and fast to seek God’s divine protection from natural calamities that has been foretold in the form of earthquake. The meeting also acknowledged the word of warning from believers that the Holy Spirit has forewarned the Sumi people of ‘great tribulation’ in the days to come.
Besides, the meeting resolved to further strengthen and work with much more zeal towards the uplift and functioning of the Sumi Literature Board.
It also resolved to extend the its co-operation towards the Zunheboto-Chakhabama road presently in progress under the SARDP programme and that whichever village within the jurisdiction of the work, objects to the construction of this road especially on land compensation issues, the Sumi Hoho would initiate for cessation of all government funded schemes meant to that particular village through intimation with the district administration.
Further, the meeting resolved to form a committee called the Sumi Migration Research Committee with Dr Hokishe Yeptho as convenor and Dr Hotokhu Chishi, HS Rotokha, president, Sumi Hoho and president Sumi Kukami Hoho as members.
During the meeting, a Sumi Customary Law Research Committee was also constituted with former Sumi Hoho president Huskha Yepthomi as convener, Sumi Hoho secretary Vihuto Assumi as secretary and HK Sumi, former Chief Justice, HS Rotokha former Sumi Hoho president, president Sumi Hoho, president Sumi Kukami Hoho, president Sumi Totimi Hoho and president Western Sumi Hoho as members.
The meeting also resolved that the next Sumi Hoho annual session will be held on March 14, 2014.

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