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Suki’s Magic Box by Sochumlo Suki Ezung

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:31 pm

Suki’s Magic Box is a loosened kite freely swinging upon the whims and fancy of a ten year old girl. This collection of short stories is bound to evoke a déjà vu of childhood’s little wonders, perhaps, rediscover one’s lost sense of nativity and of innocence with each turning of the page.

Suki’s magical world unfolds with Paprika, a stray kitten, discovered inside the bonnet of Father’s car, which leads to an unforgettable journey into the Tailus forest. From the four girls who saved the world by destroying the root of all evils to the new girl who had a secret passage in her room, with a little touch of magic Suki brews a world of stones and glasses, makes a princess out of an ugly caterpillar and gives life to everyday objects that often skips more than the eye. The stories subscribe the readers to “Follow every dream”, to “Never give up” and that “you will reach your destiny”, while at the same time- delivers gentle blows at arrogance, pride and against the social vanities of life.

Written in a language at an unusual proficiency for a writer her age, the book is a fascinating quick read seasoned with colourful illustrations. Each story is a snapshot of a child’s unfettered innocence and the book in itself carries, within, a boundless space for imaginative recreation in the mind of the readers.

Kenilo Kent

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:31:56 pm