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Success of Jan Dhan Yojana

By EMN Updated: Feb 18, 2015 10:45 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Scheme “Jan Dhan Yojana” launched by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is deeply acknowledgeable as started with an intent of comprehensive financial inclusion providing universal access to banking facilities. The scheme termed as People’s money scheme provides an opportunity of opening new bank account with a zero balance with overdraft facility and RuPay Debit card with inbuilt accident insurance coverage .
As per its policies in the next phase, a micro insurance and pension etc.. will be included benefitting to millions of poor Indians. The policies under the scheme will contribute to socio economic progress providing banking financial accessibility especially to all the rural and unprivileged population. Under this it has been reported that a total of 7 crore bank account have been opened as on november,6, 2014 entering the Guinness book of records which is a great success story in a trend setting a record for the most bank account opened in one week. The scheme has brought cheers to millions of people. The Potentiality of such scheme is vibrant and have vital role to impact more on rural Population, basically in most of the mainland India, where banking sector is in operation.Taking a look at the world of banking sectors in North East Region especially in Nagaland it is unfortunate to learn that, majority of the population lives under Rural areas and to consider there rewarding experience in the field of modern advancement in banking sectors is been neglected and isolated. These contrasts remain so, despite the passage of time, sweeping political and economic changes, and cultural differences with negative impact. Notwithstanding, the differences one thing is certain –it is the Government who can enhance changes to the remote regions through systematical approach, or by means of financial reconstruction rather than to confine only in some parts of the regions.
The scope of the Scheme Jan Dhan Yojana is vast but unfortunate that its success lies only to some certain set of developed areas. Reflecting the growth of banking sectors in Nagaland, it came into operational only in the year 1962. And now, we have experienced tremendous growth on banking business in the state. Feasibility of such scheme enhancing socio-economic development in Nagaland may be applicable only to some District HQ’s where banking Business has attained identical achievements. . And it is obvious that the services provided by the bank is still not satisfactory due to Regional disparities and its inaccessibility in most of the regions which has become a predominant caused for the partial implementation of the scheme. For instance the administrative set up of Tobu started in the year 1952, upgraded to ADC HQ in the year 1990 covering two circles SDO(c) Monyakshu and EAC Mopong.
There are 25 recognized villages with more than 50,000 population ,22 major Government Departments with DDO powers, 15 minor Government Departments, 45 Government Schools, and many other private establishments functioning without bank till date .People’s grievances have been raised timely, weekly, monthly, yearly and as many approaches and appeals been made to consider but despite of all such hue and cry , the Government and the concerned bank Officials have turned blind eyes to set up the need of the people. The nearest bank available for this region is located more than 150 km away from its extreme village bordering Myanmar facing innumerable adversities for financial transactions especially to Government Employees, business establishments, students etc… Supplementing with the implementation of opening a bank account under the scheme of Jan Dhan Yojana in this region, It is astonishing to erudite that the concerned VDB Secretaries and Chairman’s have been entrusted for filling up the forms and to submit it within the stipulated period of time which may have been done on the expediency of the bank due to its coverage snags. If the present situation continues without the established bank it is certain that the accounts of this rural people will not be operational and successful in the long run.
As per the“ strategy and guidelines on financial inclusion” issued by the GOI Ministry of Finance, to all the CMDs of all Public sector Banks dated 1st Aug, 2012, as per which banks shall, within their service area to open a regular brick and mortar branch in habitations with population of 5000 and above by September 2012 but no such policies have come to reality .The strategy of opening of branches/Ultra small branches(USBs) in rural areas as advised by the Ministry, is thus fulfilled and is quite faceable for its establishment and expansion in Tobu Sub-Division. In expressing the facilities being setup with the rest of the world this particular region is kept in doom, away from its globalised existence. Likewise, whether the central or the state Government implements favorable policies, plans it turns to be a punishing scheme, subjecting to nemesis to these far flung regions.
Hence viewing the difficulties, establishment of the bank is the utmost desire of the people that must be accelerated at the initial. As prior with its objectives it must also be liable to assess on its part to provide services for the welfare of the people by including and rendering services to the unreached people. Such attainment of the banking services will provide an equal opportunity to all the citizens to be a part of Socio-economic progress contributing and fulfilling the national priority of the country. I look forward for your generous response for which act of yours I shall ever remain grateful.

T Anden Muklong,
Tobu Town.

By EMN Updated: Feb 18, 2015 10:45:18 pm