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Style spot: In conversation with Theja Sekhose

By EMN Updated: Mar 10, 2015 11:14 pm

Style Spot features Theja Sekhose, a young Naga Model cum designer who has earned respect and name as a fashion designer at a young age.

Eastern Mirror’s Style Spot, a fresh mark for all aspects of style takes you to the world of fashion news.

The idea of Style Spot is to have spotlight on designers and current trends. Every week on Wednesday’s, Eastern Mirror offers our readers a unique experience guaranteed to excite the mind and put on a pedestal to the sense.

Style Spot will bring to light designers from the state and we will be informing our readers on the best new styles, trends, and dressing for their body.

Discovered by Star.Ex modeling agency, Dimapur at the age of 17 there was no turning back for this young man. Finalist of Mr. Nagaland Men Hunt first season as the youngest contestant he has opened the first ever Bamboo Festival as a model.
As a model he has worked not only with local designers but have modeled for US based International Fashion photographer Vikram Vinayak from Paris, International Fashion photographer from Marie Claire magazine Anya Maan, Kolkata based Fashion Photographer Shaan and internationally acclaimed designer Atsu Sekhose.
Apart from modeling, he has also choreographed fashion events like Color Fusion, artefecting from New York 2012, and International Beauty Brand “Oriflame” commemoration 2013 and 2014.
Organized a fashion event with his collection, “RESONANT NAGA” in association with the artefecting team, New York 2012 and done an exclusive shoot with Fabric Bourgelle, a London based photographer for his collection, “RESONANT NAGA”.
North East Today 2013 and the RAMP magazine have displayed his designs and sketches.
As a designer he has participated during the 3rd Mega Mr. North East organized by the “Mega Entertainment and Fit for Life Entertainment” held in 2012. With his mark as a designer, he designed the modern ethnic wear for 1st Mr. International India, 2013, Hukupa Thuluo and Mr. International World, 2013 and designed for Nise meruno, YAMAHA and AKG Brand Ambassador.
Having made a name in the fashion industry, an exclusive documentary on his biography and profession (fashion designing) was covered by Doodarshan India, Kohima branch.

Eastern Mirror: What was it that drew you towards fashion?
Theja Sekhose: I have always fancied myself a man of true style. It was very clear early on that I was artistic showing signs of my future flair, designing cloths while other children play. So my want to make a niche in the creative field, my dream of becoming one of the strongest fashion personality globally put myself in a league of my own.

EM: When did you start taking fashion seriously? Where did you learn fashion?
TS: My passion for fashion has always been an obsession, though it was at the age of 17 when I for real realized my mark in fashion, i.e, when I participated for the first ever Mr. Nagaland men hunt.
I graduated in BBA Fashion Design (first class with distinction) from The Global Open University, Kohima campus also pursuing my BA English from IGNOU.
I have also worked as an intern at Eve’s fashion overseas corporation, New Delhi for 2 months last year.

EM: What was your family’s reaction when you decided to get into fashion?
TS: Being a son of a farmer initially it was quite a big NO in this arena but I say unlike many other parents I have seen my parents may be farmers and illiterate but they are really broad minded 21st century parents indeed.

EM: What is it like being in the fashion industry? /What is the best thing being in the fashion world?
TS: In fashion industry, designing has always been dreams reckon to make it real. It is always interesting to create a revelation from all walks of sweet and bitter forecast of my and others life. And of course it’s fun to get paid handsomely for something you love to do.

EM: What do you think fashion needs more right now?
TS: In my opinion, I believe staying true to the spirit of the subject, challenging and inspiring one’s own imagination and creative ability, i.e, “originality”, is the need of this hour.

EM: Do you love working on men’s wear or women’s wear? Why?
TS: Initially I first started working more on eveningwear for female clients, but I’m also learning to invest my time in men’s wear.
I believe in my luxuriant proficiency and irreverent take on fashion and for which I believe women as an individual, fashion becomes a means of expressing and beatifying her personality and I like the fact that she is on it under any circumstances.

EM: How do you choose models for your designs?
TS: So far my calculation on model selection has always ended with the right height, weight, experience and a natural. But with time I now feel that the best model in the industry is undiscovered. I may never know when I may run into a new model that has little experience but true talent. So now, I am more into launching new faces under my label, Theja Sekhose.

EM: What makes a person stylish according to you?
TS: Fashion is fast changing but style is eternal. Likewise in my say I believe, It would be ones persona, because no matter how much one prototype oneself at the end its always their “persona grata” that influence in making themselves a stylish person.

EM: How far would you like to take your career forward?
TS: Sky is the limit…but all in all I want to continue letting people hear my voice by creating high- powered confession garments or something that’s original…. Simple as that.

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