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Style Spot: In conversation with Aien Longchar- ‘Blizz’

By EMN Updated: Feb 24, 2015 10:21 pm

Style Spot today features Aien Longchar, the owner and designer of ‘Blizz’ Boutique located at Midland Dimapur who is the first designer to have received the first ever Fashion show award for Nagaland Designers in 2005. She was awarded the Best Designer award and there was no looking back for her. She has also worked for Miss Dimapur and Miss Nagaland too besides having done shows back in Delhi as a student. Aien is also into wedding planning and has a shop named ‘Moments’. She states that wedding season is the best time for her as she can spend amounts of time in designing and stitching wedding gowns which she loves to work on more. 

EM: Who did you start your career with? How did that come about?
Aien Longchar (AL): My career I should say started way back in Delhi when I was a student of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Right after completion of my course I worked at renowned designer Rohit Bal export house in Gurgaon. Coming back to Nagaland I worked at home understanding the market and finally came up with the idea to launch my own line and finally I could set up a boutique in 2007 by the name ‘Blizz’ which I am very proud of.

EM: How has fashion evolved over the years since the time you opened your boutique?
AL: Fashion is almost the same. But the only thing which has changed is the competition around with readymade garments shops. Nagas are inborn fashion lovers so they follow the trend and in a way nothing has changed since then.

EM: What was the single most important lesson you learned from your client/customers.
AL: It has been a two way process between me and my clients and customers which has benefited us both. What I learned from them was their lack of knowledge in identifying or distinguishing garments where most of the time I have taught them to identify garments. This also added to my benefit as I get to learn and know the needs of the customers which add to my advantage for my boutique.

EM: Where do you get ideas for your design?
AL: I work according to seasons, try to study the needs of the people and check on the trend which is very important to consider and work accordingly. This is how I try to get ideas for my designs.

EM: Are you active in networking sites? If so, how has social media been helpful for your designs?
AL: Yes, very much. I have a Facebook page in my name which has helped in promoting my designs. Most of the wedding gown orders I’ve received so far are through Facebook and thankfully I get orders from neighboring Northeast states and even from abroad too.

EM: Is there any type of fashion you avoid following for your designs?
AL: As a designer and fashion lover, I do not avoid any trend/fashion. I am flexible and open to all types of trend.

EM: How would you describe your boutique style?
AL: My boutique has a touch of handwork more than machine work so I would say that my boutique has a blend of hard work and love.

EM: What criteria do you use when designing?
AL: I do not have any criteria. The only criteria I use for designing is to follow my heart. There is no greater satisfaction that one can receive when you follow your heart so whatever efforts I put in with my designs are sewn with love.

EM: How do you decide colors for your designs?
AL: I decide colors depending on the fashion trend as these are what people want-the in fashion.

EM: What is your opinion of Nagaland’s fashion?
AL: Nagas are fashionable no doubt but we do not have our own fashion style and just follow the trend. But in a way it is easier for me too to design (giggles) as I don’t have to go through brain storming session as the customers want a design which is already in trend.

EM: What style tips would you give for this season?
AL: The muggy season now leaves a person undecided what to wear. So I would request especially Dimapurians to go for cotton in this season.

By EMN Updated: Feb 24, 2015 10:21:35 pm