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Student fellowship supports ACAUT

By EMN Updated: Apr 14, 2014 10:34 pm

Dimapur, April 14

THE Christian fellowship of St. Joseph’s College has pledged its support to the movement of the Action Committee against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) in its fight against extortion and corruption.
The Christian Fellowship Zhodi of the college in Jakhama has pledged strong support to ‘bring an end to factionalism, killings, life attempts, unabated taxation, corruptions etc.’, in the land.The assurance of support was made known to the team of ACAUT that had visited the college on Palm Sunday during a special session with the students of the college.
The fellowship service attended by some few hundreds of students. ACAUT Legal cell convener Kezhokhoto Savi highlighted activities of ACAUT and also shared the message for the Palm Sunday service.
Kezhokhoto Savi explained that the ACAUT was solely a people’s movement. He highlighted the activities of the ACAUT and raised awareness about the unabated extortion and illegal collections by both Naga underground groups and state government agencies. “As a Christian we are now willing to commit ourselves to the truth; the truth that unabated taxations is corruption; that unabated taxation is the cause of factionalism and that factionalism is the reason why Indo-Naga solution eludes us even after 60 years of armed struggle and as long as the Naga Nationalism Movement remains unresolved, there will be no real peace in Nagaland,” Savi affirmed.
In referring to Article 265 of the Indian Constitution which states “No tax shall be levied except by authority of law” and the subsequent state government’s standing order vide dated 22.06.2009 issued by the Chief Secretary whereby it stated that no collection of cash will be allowed in the check-gates or in any part of the highway including any organization or individual, government departments such as Police, Excise, Forest and Taxes Departments, etc., Savi questioned what would be the alternative when the authority fails to implement its own order in the effective manner.
He reminded that illegal collections of cash on the highways, syndicate and dealership system, multiple taxations, corruption, killing, life attempt continues not even sparing ACAUT member. Also accusing the municipal and town councils for failing to provide services to the tax payers despite active toll tax collection, Savi said the actual purpose of cash collection on the highways in the name of toll tax was not achieved which amounts to simply corruption.
Stating that cash collection continues at the check gates, he said the duty personnel gives more importance to cash collection and not bothered about the actual purpose of maintaining and controlling check gates.
He has also cited several other illegal taxations imposed upon the business community, government employees, deduction of huge percentages in the name of ‘Commission’ on developmental project fund especially on contractors’ bill by our own leaders who are well known in the society. In this regard, he said Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organization had submitted a representation to the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, and a copy was served to all Kohima based civil societies including Southern Angami Public Organization. A response is still awaited, he said.
In his Palm Sunday message, Savi said Jesus Christ is one’s personal ‘king of love’. Savi advised the students to open their hearts for Christ to reign in their lives.
Special numbers was presented by both ACAUT team and Christian Fellowship Zhodi.

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