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Stop targetting non-Karbis: CNRH

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The Council of Naga rengma Council (CNRH/NRHPF) has demanded the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) and their supporting millitants to stop terrorizing and misleading the authority and targeting the non-Karbis to wipe out from their ancestral land. The KAAC should also respect the unique history of the Rengma Nagas and other communities if they required peace in the region, a press statement issued by Keyhang rengma, chairman, CNRH/NRHPF, Assam.
Due to their tyrannical reign, the non Karbis have been facing unseen difficulties for many decades which creates clash between Karbi-Dimasa, Karbi-Kuki, Karbi-Adivasi, Karbi-Hindi speaking etc, it stated
It also maintained it is well known that the more peace forum is set up by the Karbis, the worst situation is happening. There has been more than ten peace committee formed since 9th June incident which were violated by the Karbis. The recently formed peace forum (Karbi Anglong Peace Forum) has nothing to do but to strengthen the Karbis to terrorize the non-Karbis. It is of no use to urge the KPLT and NRHPF to stop hostilities, but to control the Karbi public as burning of Rengma villages and granaries were done by the k~rbi public itself, it stated.
Therefore, it said all the Karbis organization under’ Karbi Anglong Peace Forum’ is playing a supportive role which they jointly operating civil war with the Rengmas. The word ‘PEACE’ will be heard among Karbis and Rengmas if ‘Rengma Hills’ created by the British India in April 18, 1841 is recognized.
Justice and settlement is only the solution for peace, it added.
Tenyimi Union examines of situation in engma Hills
The Tenyimi Union, Dimapur has during an emergency meeting with the leaders of the Rengma community on Friday took stock of the prevailing situation in the Rengma Hills of Assam.
The house took serious note of the miserable plight of the Rengma Nagas of the Rengma Hills, who are writhing in agony under the armed pressure and violent activities of the Karbi Peoples’ Liberation Tiger (KPLT) militants and some Karbi civilians, with the tacit support of the Assam Government.
It may be recalled that 7 Rengma Nagas, including 5 women and 2 men, have lost their lives with many injured and about 15 out of 18 Rengma Naga villages have been reduced to ashes so far. The affected Rengmas have been forced to abandon their ancestral land and rendered refugees, after being deprived of all their belongings.
The house resolved to convey the message of solidarity to the affected Rengmas at this hour of turmoil and torment.
While the Rengma Nagas were in existence in the Rengma Hills since many centuries ago, even before the arrival of the Ahoms and the British, the present Karbi Anglong was created as recently as in 1976, a press statement said and therefore viewed that the present attempt to annihilate the Rengma Nagas from their traditional and ancestral homeland is wholly unjustified and, hence, condemned in strongest terms.
The house also took serious note of the miserable failure of the Assam government in protecting the lives and properties of the Rengma Nagas of the Rengma Hills and has, therefore, resolved to urge upon the Government of India to immediately intervene into the matter so as to ensure that the displaced Rengma Nagas are immediately resettled in their respective villages under adequate security and that their basic human rights are safeguarded at all costs.

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