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Stop Painting Tribal Colours

By EMN Updated: Jul 10, 2020 6:02 pm

Generally, tribals are large hearted people with happy faces. But in particular, the flavours of tribalism at all times and seasons can kill all the goodness they possess. Tribals are good in so far as you praise them and keep them so that both the parties are at peace. Anything beyond the boundary of good words will only end up in summoning letters or tribal clashes leading even to violence and war. Nagas are not new to tribal enmity leading to a type of war like situation which are not settled till date. All the same, they still get along with each other till the next season. The war of silence between different tribes is the branded virus in our Naga society. Some people act as agents of antivirus, while some are as equal as tribal organic virus capable of destroying every software and hardware community life.

The beautiful multi-colours of Nagas can be replaced with tribal colours if we fail to appreciate each other or mismatch all events and incidents in the tribal line. Most unfortunate happenings are branded with tribal colours; Ki manu ase? Ki laga tribe ase? Ki laga bosti ase? Ki laga khel ase? Ki laga side – North, South, East, West, etc… nijor manu ase koile to hoi jabo, alak manu ase koile kitiabi nacharibo. Wow! Your reactions are purely subjective. The more you lose sight of the big objective, the lesser human you become.

Nagas are more human within their own tribe, but they can be most inhuman when dealing with sensitive issues with other tribes or people of other jurisdiction. Shall we continue to live as Nagas or as nijor laga tribe? As you appreciate and love your own tribe, do the same to people of other tribes. This is how we build up good community in society. Allow goodness to be contagious. Never promote tribalism of any sort. It is injurious to community life.

Nagas are good at painting and art. They know how to paint tribal colours to all events, incidents and occasions. They know the art of pulling and pushing the story. If the story favours them, they pull all advantages for themselves. If it is against them they push the same towards others and play the game with utter disgust. We need not paint tribal colours for anything and everything. Unfortunately, God did not allow us to be born as one tribe. All the same, God did not fail to fashion us as human beings capable of knowing what is good and bad. Paint the good picture of others and cultivate the art of living together in spite of the many differences that exist in our society. We cannot create or re-create homogenous group. But we can create a better society where everyone, every tribe is given the same respect and dignity as you desire yourself and your own tribe to be. There is no forward or backward tribe in Nagaland.

The issues of Delimitation and Solution are also becoming tribalistic day by day. There is twisting and squeezing. The tribes of Nagaland will be divided even more by these two pertaining issues. The common objectives of Nagas are standing on watery ground. It is being replaced by tribalism where some tribes change their colours from time to time as per their advantages or disadvantages. Is there any worthy Naga Apex Body that can have a final say for the whole Nagas irrespective of tribes or villages, undergrounds or overground? Are all associations becoming the apex body creating further unending issues for Nagas? Can Nagas talk just words; walk the just way and not always talk in tribal tune or walk the tribal roads? What are we aiming for? Is it to gather Nagas or disperse them according to tribes? No one should form divisive policies which harm the greater interest of the whole Nagas.

Let us not hide under the bush of Article 371A as a tribe. Let us not boast about our cultural heritage in words alone. Rather let us work towards unity as Nagas in good and bad times. The said article will have no positive impact if we go on travelling the same tribal road from womb to tomb. It is already a favourable time to march together as Nagas. For this, we must lay aside the dark shadows of tribalism. Be a good tribal, but do not be driver of tribalism because the road ahead of us is narrow and risky.

We should not lose sight of the common good if we want to live in peace and harmony as Nagas belonging to different tribes. Who should initiate or bring peace for Nagas? It is not the Central Government or State Government. It lies largely on every tribe of Nagaland. Every tribe has its own heritage and practice of welcoming the good and avoiding evil. The same must be implemented in the present context of the Naga society.
Let us stop painting tribal colours for anything and everything. Let us see the brighter side of life where all are equally important. May God continue to show us the way towards good living in a just society. God bless us all.
With Prayers,

Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing

By EMN Updated: Jul 10, 2020 6:02:59 pm