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Monday, April 22, 2024
Nagaland, Phek

STINER-TFC conducts trainings on entrepreneurship through waste management

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2024 10:09 pm
Akali Sema with participants at Pfutsero in Phek on March 12.

DIMAPUR — To promote sustainable entrepreneurship, the Science and Technology Intervention in North-Eastern Region-Technology Facilitation Centre (STINER-TFC) at the School of Agricultural Sciences (SAS), Nagaland University (NU), Medziphema campus, conducted trainings on ‘Entrepreneurship through waste management’.

According to a press release, the training sessions took place at Living Bible College, Vihokhu village, Niuland, on March 9, and on March 12 at Pioneers Complex, CBBC Pfutsero, Phek district, in collaboration with the Chakhesang Women Welfare Society (CWWS).

The programmes brought together aspiring entrepreneurs, self-help groups (SHGs), women’s welfare societies, and students to explore the vast potential of waste management as a catalyst for economic growth and environmental stability. They were conducted under the initiative of Akali Sema, project in-charge of STINER-TFC and PVC, NU: SAS, Medziphema campus.

The trainings emphasised creating awareness of the economic importance of bananas as a plant and the various ways in which the plant can be utilised to generate livelihoods through technological intervention. They were focused on fibre extraction using the banana fibre extraction machine.

Chubashashi, a mechanic from STINER-TFC, demonstrated the entire process of fibre extraction, starting with cutting the pseudostem into standard sizes. He showed the proper method for removing the sheath, extracting the fibre, washing it, and drying it under shade. Additionally, he demonstrated how to brush the fibre to remove dirt and enhance its lustre,  showcased the braiding of the polished fibre, and demonstrated the creation of various value-added products such as bags, tea coasters, table mats, and baskets.

Bikram Ghimere, project assistant at STINER-TFC, conducted a demonstration on vermicomposting, highlighting its role as a sustainable solution for managing agricultural waste. He also emphasised that the solid waste produced during the fibre extraction process can be repurposed as biomass. By integrating these two technologies, entrepreneurs and farmers can create a dual income source.

The participants engaged in hands-on training and interactive sessions, acquiring skills and knowledge necessary to launch successful ventures in waste management. They explored understanding waste streams and recycling techniques while also exploring innovative business models and market opportunities. The training covered a wide spectrum of topics revolving around banana plants, which is crucial for waste management entrepreneurs.

The training programmes sensitised 123 participants in total. Two banana fibre extraction machines and two portable vermicompost beds, one each for Living Bible College and CWWS, were also handed over post-training.

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2024 10:09:54 pm
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