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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Statewide rally calls for early solution to Indo-Naga talks

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 09, 2020 11:34 pm

Our Correspondent
Kohima, March 9 (EMN):
The Nagaland Gaon Burah Federation (NGBF) on Monday organised a statewide peace rally demanding an early solution to the Indo-Naga talks.

Chairing the programme held at Indoor Stadium in Kohima, president of Chakhesang Hoho Kohima, Theja Therieh, in his opening remarks, stated that ‘trust deficit’ in the  society has led to apprehension even in one’s individual relations.

“Today’s gathering is not against anyone…because everyone wants solution. People who are negotiating are negotiating on behalf of the people; people who are facilitating are also facilitating on behalf of the people, for the people,” said Therieh.

He stated: “No one is working against the people, no group/political groups are working against the people. Then why should we hesitate? Come forward.”

The president of the Kohima District GB Association, Vineipra Pienyu questioned the ‘silence’ of the government of India even after the lapse of about five months, with October 31, 2019 set as the deadline for solution.

M Khevito T Shohe, president of Sumi Hoho, Kohima said: “We have not forgotten the bloodshed, we have not forgotten the life sacrifices, we have not forgotten the women made widows and children made orphans, the memory is still fresh in our mind.”

“But we can’t stop there, we should keep moving,” he said while stating that Nagas expect the government of India ‘to be sincere, dedicated honest’.

The president of Kohima Lotha Hoho, Pankathung stated: “Nagas have been exploited so much; not only exploited but we have been blundered economically, politically, socially.”

The general secretary of NGBF, Shikuto Zalipu read out the content of a memorandum that was later submitted it to the governor’s secretary in the absence of RN Ravi.

Dimapur organisations censure New Delhi’s ‘delay tactics’

Our Reporter
Dimapur, March 9 (EMN):
The Dimapur GB’s Association (DDGBA) and the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD), backed by various civil society and students’ organisations, rallied on Monday denouncing the ‘delay tactics’ employed by the government of India vis-à-vis the Indo-Naga talks.

The peace rally was organised by Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF), in collaboration with Naga Council Dimapur (NCD), demanding for early Naga solution at DC court junction in Dimapur on Monday.   

The message from the participants of the rally was: “what has been agreed upon, bring it home; what remains, pursue through democratic political process.”

Former Nagaland Legislative Assembly Speaker Z Lohe asserted, “Peace itself is just a word in Nagaland and there is no peace in reality.” He opined that if peace actually existed, no one would have to check or demand taxes from someone’s industry at gunpoint.

‘Pan-Naga Hoho, if formed, might come up with a special law for Nagaland but they will only control Nagaland and the indigenous people of Nagaland will be second class citizens. This is why there should be solution without pan-Naga Hoho,’ he said. In addition, he opined that Article 371 (A) would become more insignificant under the ‘pan-Naga Hoho scheme’.

A memorandum addressed to the prime minister of India, was submitted through the deputy commissioner (DC) of Dimapur, Anoop Khinchi. DDGBA president Khehovi V Chophy read out the memorandum to the crowd.

It stated that after the October 31, 2019 talk, there was no reason to account for the delay in concluding the ongoing phase of Indo-Naga peace talks.

“We are briefed by the negotiators that all unresolved matters as on the date shall be left to be pursued through democratic political processes under the new regime envisaged for Naga areas. If your gracious self wishes, we believe it will be a matter of brief discourse to streamline and finalise every resolve matter to conclude the agreement. “We trust that there will be no new subjects or reversals on any matter already negotiated and agreed upon. We urge your esteemed office that whatever is on records as on October 31, 2019, be announced to the Naga people and the world. An early signing of the Indo-Naga political agreement will most certainly enhance your reputation as the undisputed leaders of the world’s largest democracy. With acceptable and honourable political solution in the offing, Nagas too are prepared to begin an enduring peaceful coexistence after seven decades of conflict,” the memorandum read.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 09, 2020 11:34:06 pm