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State’s preparedness to tackle Ebola questioned

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 12:39 am


Against the backdrop of Ebola epidemic being continuously reported in both national and international media, the Phesama Village Council (PVC) has called for the attention of the government of Nagaland on what the state was doing in regard to preparing if the deadly disease reaches Nagaland. The council has sought answers on the strategies and measures that the state has readies in case of eventualities.
In an open letter to the principal director of Health & Family Welfare department, the PVC expressed concern as thousands of tourists from all over the world would be visiting Nagaland during the annual Hornbill Festival.
The council asked whether any screening facilities have been set up in the state for foreign visitors and whether or not trained personnel were available to treat the “dreadful disease.”
The letter said there was a growing fear among the state’s public about the disease especially in view of the forthcoming Hornbill Festival at Kisama. The public is becoming apprehensive that the Ebola disease is reported to be ‘dreadfully severe and 90% fatal,’ the council said in concern.
The PVC also cited that a recent Ebola scare in Imphal has prompted the Manipur government to install Ebola screening facilities at different entry points of the state for tourists visiting Manipur via road and air.
The village council has requested the department to highlight the steps and measures taken by the state government in preparedness particularly during the festive season and the forthcoming Hornbill Festival particularly. The concept is to put to rest the fear of the people, the council stated. The letter was appended by chairman, Vimedo Chuse and general secretary, Rovise Khale, of the council.

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 12:39:31 am