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State task force reviews Covid vaccination drive

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2021 11:30 pm
Amardeep Singh Bhatia speaks to the members during the state task force review meeting at Kohima on Thursday.

Dimapur, Feb. 11 (EMN): In the backdrop of low overall coverage percentage during the first and second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive, the state task force has discussed in detail on the steps required to tackle the problem and to ensure rapid increase in the numbers before the conclusion of the vaccination drive.

The issue was taken up for discussion during a review meeting held at the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare, Kohima, on February 11. The meeting was chaired by the principal secretary of Health and Family Welfare, Amardeep Singh Bhatia.

A DIPR report stated that the state immunisation officer (UIP), Dr. Ritu Thurr presented a detailed report on the progress of the first and second phase of the ongoing Covid 19 vaccination drive, which is scheduled to conclude in nine days’ time. Several issues related to the low overall coverage percentage in the state were brought out and discussed in detail.

The report mentioned that till date only 31 percent of the 21549 registered healthcare workers have been vaccinated in the first phase, while just a mere five percent of the 51718 registered frontline workers have been vaccinated in the second phase. The low coverage percentage was attributed due to the reluctance of the majority of the healthcare workers as well as the frontline workers to take the vaccine for fear of side effects.

It also mentioned that since the vaccine could only be administered to those that volunteer themselves, the department is working hard to sensitise the people regarding the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine. So far out of the 8,948 persons vaccinated in the state, there have been zero instances of people who have suffered serious medical side effects apart from mild cases of fever and pain in the injected area which is normal for all vaccines and not just the Covid-19 vaccine, the report added.

It also stated that many departments under the government of Nagaland namely the Social Welfare department, Rural Development and Directorate of Information and Public Relations promised to aid the department of Health and Family Welfare in sensitising the general public regarding the safety of the vaccine and also provide logistical support as and when the need arise to ensure that majority, if not all, of the healthcare workers and frontline workers receive the vaccine.

Besides, several issues and problems faced by the different district immunisation officers regarding the vaccination drive in their respective districts were also discussed at length during the meeting. It added that the state task force has collectively vowed to address the issues cited at the earliest and with utmost urgency.

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2021 11:30:28 pm