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State observes ‘Anti-malaria month’

By EMN Updated: Jun 30, 2020 8:04 pm
Healthcare workers from Phek district are seen screening for malaria during the ‘Anti-malaria month.’

Dimapur, June 30 (EMN): Commemorating the ‘Anti-malaria month,’ Dimapur and Phek units of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) carried out various activities in 15 villages on the theme ‘Zero malaria starts with me.’

Anti-malaria month is observed every year in the month of June prior to the onset of monsoon to enhance the level of awareness.

In Dimapur, programmes were organised in all the blocks while inter-personal communication in the form of focus group discussions (FGD) were also conducted in 15 selected villages basing on the high prevalence of malaria in the past years.

During the FGD, elimination strategies were discussed focusing on early diagnosis and complete treatment and regular usage of bed nets and other self protective measures to prevent mosquito bites. The importance of developing health seeking behaviour was emphasised during the discussion, an update from the office of the chief medical officer (CMO), Dimapur, stated on Tuesday.

It stated that M Ezewe, NVBDCP district consultant, along with respective block malaria technical supervisors, conducted the FGD sessions by emphasising on the importance of early diagnosis and complete treatment.

Ezewe stated that incomplete treatment could cause relapses and resistance to anti-malarial drugs. He informed that early diagnosis and treatment could reduce the transmission rate and interrupt the transmission cycle in the community. He also urged the communities to conduct sanitation drive on a regular basis in their respective communities to reduce mosquito breeding sources.

He has also urged every citizen to keep their surroundings clean and dry and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. He stated that the fight against malaria and other vector borne diseases would not be successful without the active participation of the communities and each individual. Stating that ASHAs in the villages are qualified to conduct blood test for malaria, he urged the communities to seek the assistance of ASHAs in case of any fever.

During the month-long observation, NVBDCP Dimapur also screened fever cases, distributed IEC materials and conducted poster campaign in the blocks.

The 15 villages where FGD sessions were conducted were Nihokhu, Zukihe, Piphema, Pherima, Tenyiphe-I, Chumukedima Ward-4, Doyapur, Hazadisa, Pukhato, Seluophe, Khasiram, Aoyimkum, Burma Camp East Block, Lingrijan, and Neisatuo Colony.

Meanwhile, NVBDCP Phek carried out various activities in 15 village. An update from the office of the chief medical officer (CMO), Phek, stated that focus group discussions (FGD) were carried out in all the 15 villages during which the villagers were sensitised on the cycle of mosquitoes, signs and symptoms of malaria, control and preventive measures and treatment by DVBO, DVBDC, SMI, and MTS by the department officials.

It added that during the house-to-house survey, ANMs and ASHAs have screened all the fever cases and also sensitised the villagers on the importance of daily usage of LLIN bed nets. The team also made awarene on different topics of Covid-19 during the programmes.

By EMN Updated: Jun 30, 2020 8:04:03 pm