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State-level monitoring team on Covid-19 visits Longleng, Wokha

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2021 9:33 pm
K Libanthung Lotha, Lhovizotuo Belho along with M Shayung Phom and representatives from NGOs and civil society in Longleng on Monday.

Dimapur, Aug. 23 (EMN): State-level monitoring team on Covid -19 held a review meeting with district task force (DTF) Longleng at DC’s conference hall Longleng on Monday.
The team was led by K Libanthung Lotha, commissioner and secretary, Geology and Mining along with Lhovizotuo Belho, joint director of Health and Family Welfare. The meeting was chaired by M Shayung Phom, Deputy Commissioner and Chairman DTF Longleng, an update from DPRO Longleng informed.

It said that the chairman welcomed the senior administrative officers and all members of DTFs while apprising them of the Covid -19 status in the district.
It said that K Libanthung Lotha appreciated the work of DTF, Longleng and encouraged them DTFs to continue its battle against Covid -19.He emphasised the importance of the role played by the NGOs of the district and also on the reinforcement and preparedness of the DTF for the looming Covid-19 third wave. He further stressed on the need for attaining 100% district vaccination and increase of Covid -19 testing.
Meanwhile, Lhovizotuo Belho, said that the purpose of the visit was to interact with DTF and learn the grievances and suggestions related to Covid-19. He also stated that the state government was ready to help NGOs and DTF in extending support to the district with Covid-19 related activities.
D Robin, ADC Longleng, H Shamthai, representative from Phomla Hoichem, Tialemba, Executive Secretary PBCA, Dr. Obangjungla CMO Longleng and Dr. S Imnameren, DPO (RHC & UIP), Longleng also spoke in the meeting.

Dr.S Imnameren informed the house of the 100% vaccination status acquired by six villages namely Amosen, Chingong, Mongkhong, Shamshangching, Tangha and Yongnyah and one department, DEF Longleng. He further spoke about the strategies applied by the Health department in collaboration with the churches such as vaccination drive in all villages on Sundays, encouraging various leaders to be the forerunner for Covid-19 vaccine and testing drive.
Earlier, the monitoring team visited CHC Yachem and Yaongyimchen villages and had an interaction with the village task force.
After the meeting, the team along with DTF visited Covid Hospital and District Hospital Longleng and interacted with medical officers led by MS and CMO. They also visited Namching Health and Wellness Centre.
Meanwhile, Wokha District Task Force (DTF) on Covid-19 held a meeting with the state representatives nominated by the State government, Commissions and Secretary, Excise and Sericulture Orenpemo Kikon and Joint Director, Health and Family Welfare, Dr.Chekroshuyi Tetso, at DC’s conference hall on Monday.

Orenpemo Kikon while speaking at the meeting said that for each district, the government had nominated a senior officer to supervise and assist the DTF on Covid-19 to act as a bridge between the district and the state govt. and also to give feedback about the requirement of the districts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, an update from DIPR informed.

He said that Wokha district was doing a commendable job right from the beginning of the pandemic till today as it was also bordering Assam state. Kikon said that in the first wave, mortality rate was low while in the second wave, more than five hundred persons lost their lives, out of which a few percentage had taken their first dose of vaccination but had also succumbed to Covid-19 and one person who had taken double dose lost his life as he had other related illness.

He further added that as the state was expecting the third wave, it had to be prepared to prevent it as it could be fatal for children and especially to the younger generation.

Kikon further said testing should be ramped up including the vaccination rate. He said that facilities available for further preparations were also to be ascertained including ways and means to assist the DTF to make a plan on creating awareness and to educate the people even in the rural area on the benefits of being vaccinated.

Dr. Chekroshuyi Tetso, while speaking on the trend on Covid-19 in the state, said ‘we do not know what will be the situation in a few months if the third wave comes in. The state has already lost the people of the most productive age group which is thirty to sixty (30-60) years during the first and second wave and Wokha district alone has lost 70 persons during the first wave and nearly three hundred seventy 370 lost their lives during the first wave. Therefore, the trend shows that challenges lie ahead for the district to fight against the pandemic’.

He also added that Wokha district in particular was doing commendable job in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic but it needed to increase its performance on testing and vaccination so that all the targeted age group gets vaccinated to contain the pandemic.

Deputy CMO, Wokha Dr. Zuben Kikon, presented the status report on Covid-19 scenario in the district. The meeting was chaired by Chairman DTF and DC Orenthung Lotha.

The meeting was attended by the members of DTF, Chairman, Lotha Hoho and representatives from Lotha Baptist Churches Association (LBCA) and Lotha Catholic Churches Association.

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2021 9:33:43 pm