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State has shortfall of 541 math and 314 science teachers

By EMN Updated: Sep 18, 2014 11:24 pm


PARLIAMENTARY secretary for School Education, Yitachu today said that the state is undergoing a very difficult situation in the school education sector with a shortfall of 531 math teachers and 314 science teachers.
Pointing out that this does not include the number of teachers falling short under SSA and RMSA, Yitachu expressed serious concern that the figure amounts to more than a thousand if all the shortfall is to be taken into account. He, however, announced that the government and the department are sincerely pursuing to solve the issue and appealed to the student community that this will be a temporary situation.
The parliamentary secretary was addressing the State Level INSPIRE Science Exhibition held Thursday at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Rüzhükhrie Government Higher Secondary School, Kohima.
In case the department is not able to get the required number of teachers for the two subjects, he said taking the “extra mile” to engage even retired teachers who are efficient, on a contract basis, will be contemplated.
To meet the shortfall, we have also resorted to appoint commerce graduates as math teachers in government middle schools, he stated. He informed that it will be taken up with the department that those with commerce background who are given appointment in lieu of math teachers should be provided with an orientation course of mathematics in the area or assignment that they are given so as to equip them.
Also, with the department going into the rationalization of teachers, the parliamentary secretary is optimistic that every school should have the minimum required strength of teachers by the next academic session.
Yitachu also voiced concern that there are very less students pursuing higher studies in science stream and feels that students have not been able to develop the confidence to study science and math as they were not properly equipped at the middle, primary and high school levels.
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He urged upon the teaching community to encourage students to overcome the “fear psychosis” that has been attached to these two subjects and turn around this attitude. “Build the confidence of the students and encourage them that science and maths can be taken up like any other subject,” he stated.
The parliamentary secretary pointed out that going by the number of schools in Nagaland, the state should be performing better. He said the state is not lacking in the required teacher-student ratio as the guidelines indicate 1 (teacher):25 (students) and many schools, particularly government schools, have a less number of students. “This means our teachers can give more attention to each and every student in their classes,” he said, adding, “If we go by this, then our level of education can come up.”
He also highlighted the need to strike a balance between the government schools and private schools, of which the latter cater to 60-65% of students in the state. Towards this, he said the department is examining to give placement of at least one math teacher and one science teacher to private high schools, considering that private school teachers are paid lesser than those of government schools.
Meanwhile, Yitachu lauded the participants of the science exhibition for stepping out to exhibit their talent and abilities. He encouraged them that whether they win or lose in the competition, the most important thing is to give one’s best. He further underscored the need for all the schools to partake in such events so as to develop self confidence in students.
Earlier, Nodal Officer INSPIRE Nagaland, Daniel Thong Seb in his introductory speech stated that the exhibition is an important opportunity for young students to develop a scientific attitude. He said that the competition is a platform for young minds to behave like scientists and encourage them to come out and contribute to the society which is basically dependent on science and technology.
He also informed that the exhibition is open to students of classes 6-10 of all recognized schools.
Altogether 57 schools from across the state participated in the exhibition wherein, Emtili Aier from Northfield, Kohima was adjudged the winner. Masenwangbou K Newmai from Brighter Academy, Chumukedima and Tsolo-u Mero of Chakhesang Mission Higher Secondary School, Pfutsero bagged the second and third prizes respectively.
The top three winners and Millennium Child 2013 participant Ruth Murry will be representing Nagaland in the national science exhibition at New Delhi from October 6-8.

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