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Saturday, February 24, 2024

State govt., church can play important role in unifying Naga tribes — Jacob

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Feb 04, 2024 11:07 pm
Jacob Zhimomi
Delegates from across the state posing for a photo after the worship service.

DIMAPUR — Minister for PHED and Cooperation, Jacob Zhimomi,on Sunday called upon the church leaders and the state government to realise that they jointly need to play a very important role in unifying the 17 tribes of Nagaland.

Addressing the Nagaland Baptist Church Council’s (NBCC) 23rd Triennial and 87th annual gathering at Sumi Baptist Akukuhou, Niuland, Zhimomi said that the council has played a very significant role in shaping the people of the state.

“We need to take the church ahead and, no doubt there is a stable government in the state but there is still a lot of gap that needs to be filled,” he said, highlighting how the elected leaders and church leaders are called to serve the people.

Jacob Zhimomi
Cultural performance during the Triennial and annual gathering of NBCC on Sunday.

Speaking on the topic ‘Experiencing God together through culture,’the minister said that Nagaland is unique because every tribe has their own unique language and that this complexityis not known outside the state. There are 17 recognised tribes and 16 districts in the state today, and unity and cooperation among the tribes is required, he said.

According to him, Nagas are generally simple and modest people but there are those who only pretend to be humble ‘through mouth and not through action,’ and that is why there is disunity in the state.

Asserting that the role of the church is going to be very important, he also highlighted how the state government is putting in effort to unite the people by organising festivals like Hornbill Festival, which brings all the tribes in one podium.

“We may celebrate the festival but if we do not practice in action it is not going to serve the purpose,” he said, adding that Naga society requires strong foundation based on the principals of Christ.

As a political leader, he said that they need the support of the religious leaders for good governance so that the purpose of why they are elected is justified.

We have to bring development for our people and we are aware of it but the government also has limitations, he maintained, while calling on the church to work hand-in-hand for Naga society to move forward with all round development.

He also expressed that as an elected member from the district, he is working very hard as he is responsible for the people.Niuland is a new district and we need to work hard to come at par with the other advanced district, he added.

During the NBCC event which was hosted by Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Küqhakulu, delegates from various Baptist churches across the state participated.

The speaker of the Sunday programme,NBCC general secretary Rev. ZelhouKeyho spoke on the topic ‘Experiencing God together in Outreach,’ and said that we should not keep God’s words to ourselves but share it with others.

He stressed that we should be expert messengers of God, because God does not want his people to perish without ever listening to his word.

He also said that the church needs to play a very important role of finding lost souls and bringing them to God, and that believers should not stay confined but be willing to go out and spread the word of God.

On the occasion, nine missionaries were commissioned and sponsored by various churches under NBCC.

Dr. Joshua Bojungjoko, international director of Serving in Mission (SIM) while extending his greetings to the members informed that there are more than 60 active missionaries from north east India under SIM.

Stating that more workers are needed, he hoped that the NBCC would send more missionary workers, as there are still many areas where they do not know about God.

Special songs were also performed by NBCC Triennial Choir and Nagagenous.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Feb 04, 2024 11:07:37 pm
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