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Stakeholders’ consultative meeting on IDDC held

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A one day consultative and advocacy meeting for stakeholders on National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme (NIDDCP) was organized on January 30 at CMO’s Conference Hall, Dimapur.
The programme was organized with the goal to disseminate the message of the importance of iodine in our body. While welcoming the participants, Dr P Tia Jamir, CMO urged the participants to spread the information of the effects of iodine deficiency in our body. He further stated that even if simple instructionssuch as; not storing iodized salt near or above the fire place or while cooking, to put iodized salt towards the end of the cooking process could be disseminated to the community, it would greatly benefit the people.Resource person, Dr Toshirenla, ZLO & Nodal Officer (NIDDCP) gave a comprehensive presentation on the importance of Iodine in our body and the consequences of iodine deficiency such as low mental and physically development not only ofchildren and adults but could affect even the unborn child. She further stated that the effects of iodine deficiency such as mental retardation or stunted growth were irreversible and will have permanent effects which could be easily prevented by consuming only iodized salt. According to WHO, Iodine deficiency is now accepted as the most preventable cause of brain damage in the world.
Dr Toshirenla also appealed to the participants to spare a few moments to read the literature on iodine deficiency disorder provided and assist the department in spreading the message to the community. She also demonstrated how to identify the presence of iodine in common salt with the help of MBI Salt testing kit.
Along with NIDDCP meeting, Anti- Leprosy Day was also observed. Dr. Toshirenla presented the prevalence of leprosy in Dimapur District for the last three years. She oriented the participants that Leprosy is easily curable and preventable. She further oriented them on the availability of Leprosy detection and treatment facilities in the district and the urge the participants in aiding the department in spreading this message and encourage any leprosy patient to avail these facilities, as many leprosy patients are stigmatized and as such does not seek any medical help.
In view of the Anti-Leprosy Day, Advocacy and awareness programme on Leprosy was also organized at Chang Baptist Church on 21st Jan 2014 for the United Pastors Fellowship Dimapur and poster campaign was carried out in NST bus station, Taxi stand and super market area and leaflets on leprosy were also distributed to the public by the NLEP staff Dimapur
Earlier, the programme was chaired by Dr Imchameren Jamir, DCMO Dimapur and vote of thanks delivered by Shri. Sendong, FSO. The programme was attended by DTO, DPO (RCH-UIP), representatives from various government and private sectors such as from the District Administration, DMC, School Education, Social Welfare, the Business community etc and officials and staff under the CMO establishments.

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