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Spreading Awareness to Northeast People: Not to Be a Stranger to Bangalore

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:35 pm

Bangalore in recent years is falling prey to many social issues where we NE-PEOPLE are playing the hardest victims. This article is forwarded to all concern citizens of northeast people for the benefit and awareness of our fellow North-east people.

NE people who have a plan to either pursue higher education, job, business, or any other activity in the city of Bangalore and other places within Karnataka should be made aware.

Been a hub of IT companies and reputed educational institutes and so much more to add which attracts many people from different states and NE-PEOPLE in particular to come to Bangalore in pursuance of their dreams, but what is important to note is that many people rush with their plans ignoring to access the important information necessary for them to get what they want from the place. My consciences are clear as I write this article because I want every individual to know and understand our life and career are precious and that every effort must be made to establish a life where dreams are fulfilled and there is no regret.

Well, I am not discouraging anyone from choosing Bangalore because no doubt is one of the finest cities in India where many aspirant dreams are met fulfilled but my main concern here which I want our fellow people to know and understand is to always be vigilant and have up to date news about any places they choose.

Since its inception in the year 2012, North East Welfare Association, Karnataka ( NEWAK) has been dealing with so many issues and by the grace of God succeeded in solving them in several ways with the help of Bangalore City Police, Local NGO’S, Human Rights, Alternative Law Forum Bangalore and Government of Karnataka etc.

In spite of the successes we have made and achieved, we cannot just rule out the fact that we are still on that edge of the rock where strong storms are constant and it is important to have a stronghold so as to survive the storm, which I mean awareness about certain issues is important and having the knowledge and means to face and deal with such issues if in case to occur to anyone. Following are some selected issues among many where we North East people play the victims and where North East Welfare Association Karnataka (NEWAK) has been working both by creating awareness and fighting for the rights of the NE-PEOPLE. As it is not possible to pen down all the issues and cases dealt by the Association for the past 5 (five) years, I rather be more specific and recent on the issues faced and dealt by the NEWAK for the last 5 (five) Months of this Year.

1. Death Cases: 3 Death Cases from NE-States: one girl from Manipur, one girl from Boro Community, Assam and one girl from Chakhesang Community, Nagaland.

2. Non-payment of Salary at the workplace: Total 10 of them from NE-STATES; 3 from Manipur, 1 from Assam, 5 from Sumi community and 1 from Khimungang Community, Nagaland has settled down.

3. Fake University: 2 Nursing students from Anal community, Manipur, still pending which we are trying to settle the matter soon.

4. Admission Issues towards Brokers: one case from Manipur has settled and yet still one person case is pending from Nagaland.

5. House Rent Issue: One family from Manipur State has settled.

6. Cheating Cases towards Money: 1(one) from Poumai Community, Manipur.

7. Colleges/Schools Certificate Issue: 1(one) Student from Lotha Community, Nagaland has settled down.

8. Cheating case for Job Placement: one girl from Manipur was rescued.

9. Accident Cases: one from Mizoram, one from Manipur and one from Chakhesang community, Nagaland.

These are some of the issues and challenges we the NE-PEOPLE face in Cities, not only in Bangalore but in other Metro-Cities. I am not saying everyone will have to face these situations in Cities, No, absolutely Not. Our only concern is for awareness and for your pre-information as we come to a City with dreams and so our priority vary in our personal life sometimes, demands at colleges or work and we carried away by all that but trust me knowing or connecting with your respective Association States Leaders if not NEWAK will be of good help as it has a great impact not only connected but in life perspective all together.

The Association has got a Blog in Facebook which you can follow up and see the Association engage to our NE-Community and stand for our right. Our primary concern is we want your safety, not to be cheated whether for college admission or job placement.

Vezokho Resu (Akho)
President, NEWAK (North East Welfare Association, Karnataka)

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:35:51 pm