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Thursday, June 01, 2023
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‘Splitsvilla 9’ will teach men to stand up, fight for women: Host Rannvijay

By Agencies Updated: Jun 02, 2016 12:21 pm

Actor and host of the reality show “Splitsvilla” Rannvijay Singh says the new season of the show will teach men how to behave with women as well as stand up and fight for them.
“The theme of this new season is ‘Where Women Rule’ and I and Sunny (Leone) believe that in our country there is a need to talk about these things. To show it through an example, be it through entertainment or anything else,” he said.
“All our 15 celebrity guys had to in a way, through respect and chivalry behave with the girls because of which they saw a change in them,” Rannvijay added.
He believes that the fans of his show or all who watch MTV will feel some changes in themselves as well.
“Many people are not aware about how to talk with respect and chivalry with a women like your mom, girlfriend, wife or sister and how to stand up for them. ‘Splitsvilla’ is going to teach this in its own way,” he said at the launch of the ninth season of the show.“Along with the fun, there is a sub-conscious message also,” Rannvijay added.
The show will be co-hosted by actress Sunny Leone, who has been hosting the show for the past three seasons. Rannvijay-Sunny also hosted the last season and the season prior to that, Sunny hosted it with Nikhil Chinnappa.
About her experiences on the show, Sunny said, “The journey of ‘Splitsvilla’ was so good. Every year we have so much fun. For one month I go into ‘Splitsvilla’ and I enter the lives of these contestants. Rannvijay and I watch these contestants from day one — what they talk, what their thoughts are, to the very last day, which is a complete transformation.”
The show features young boys and girls competing against the backdrop of love, where they actually fall in love or sometimes have to establish romantic bonds to survive in the game.
Does the romance in the show get Sunny emotional? “I get very emotional, I am a very emotional girl,” Sunny said.

By Agencies Updated: Jun 02, 2016 12:21:37 pm