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Spiritual awakening crusade underway in Kohima

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2017 11:50 pm
Rev. Dr. Ed Citronnelli speaking at the three-day spiritual awakening crusade in Kohima on September 9.

Dimapur, Sep 9 (EMN): Thousands of believers attended the second day of the three-day spiritual awakening crusade at the NBCC Convention Centre, Kohima, organised by the Sumi Christian Fellowship Kohima (SCFK) on September 9.
Delivering the sermon in the evening service, Rev. Dr. Ed Citronnelli, senior pastor from USA, dwelled on the importance of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the believers. Maintaining that the Holy Spirit is the key to everything, the Reverend said “nothing can be re-oriented without it,” adding the Holy Spirit loves its people and gives power to them. Referring to the book of Ezekial 37, the preacher made comparison to the people of Israel, who at one time lost their customs, traditions and their identity, and said similar things are happening to many people and races across the globe.Stating that the Sumi people, though a small tribe in the global context, he said God has a purpose for them and that they were among many chosen to go everywhere to carry and spread the Gospel.
The senior pastor asked the Sumi people to be “instruments of God” and repeat the revival wave that swept across the Sumi land in the mid 1970s to recover all that was lost through the Holy Spirit. “Because of the Sumis, people from all across the world will come to Nagaland to witness the power of the Holy Spirit,” he remarked.
In the morning service, Rev. Dr. Hevukhu Achumi, Executive Secretary of WSBAK, said the crusade and the coming together of all Sumi believers under different denomination was made possible only by the will and guidance from God.
Making references to Lamentations 5 and Joel 2, the Reverend said God has forsaken the Sumi people because of sin and shortcomings. He felt that the Sumi people need to repent and seek God’s forgiveness to restore past glory and honour.
“We need to be united in Christ, forgive one another and let the Holy Spirit dwell amongst us,” he said.
Greetings were delivered by Rev. Hotokhu P Zhimo, Executive Secretary of SABAK, and Rev. Hukugha Jimo, Executive Secretary of SBAK (Nito Mount). Himali Kiba, Assistant Pastor of SABCK, chaired the morning service, while Kughavi Chishi, pastor of NCRC (Sumi), Kohima, chaired the evening’s service.
Special songs were presented by Akuxu Kuvu, male noice, True Vine and Kichimi Sheshu.
On September 8 evening, Rev. Dr. Shiwoto Assumi, pastor NCRC (Sumi), Purana Bazaar, Dimapur; and Y Kikheto Sema, chairman Planning Committee, spoke at the inaugural programme.

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2017 11:50:25 pm