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Speed limits, other traffic restrictions to be imposed in Dimapur from December 1

By EMN Updated: Nov 30, 2023 1:01 am

DIMAPUR — Noting that most road traffic accidents in Dimapur are caused by over speeding, the Dimapur Commissioner of Police has announced the imposition of speed limit on the National Highway-29 up to Chümoukedima as well as within the Dimapur city area.

The speed limit will be enforced for a period of one month from December 1 to the 31st, according to the order issued by the CP Dimapur Kevithuto Sophie on Wednesday.

There is sufficient ground to restrict the speed of the motor vehicles, the order stated, while citing powers conferred under section 112 (2) of the MV Act, as amended by the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, 2019.

Accordingly, the speed limit for Zion Hospital junction to Chümoukedima has been fixed at 50 kilometre per hour (km/hr) while it is 30 km/hr within Dimapur city area.

Similarly, the speed limit from Chathe Bridge (Patkai/ Seithekema) towards Niuland district has been fixed at 50 km/hr.

Driving in excessive speed is punishable under section 183 of the MV Act, the order further stated. 

Meanwhile, the CP also issued a separate advisory in the interest of public safety and convenience.

Among other things, all motorists were advised to drive within the prescribed speed limits and mandatorily wear seatbelts.

“Driving/ carrying passengers without seatbelt or driving a vehicle with a child below 14 years of age without safety belt or child restraint system is an offence,” the advisory stated.

It also informed that driving without a protective head gear or using non-ISI graded helmets, and not fastening chin straps are all violations of traffic laws.

Advising motorists not to use mobile phones while driving, it also pointed out that using handheld communication devices while driving is dangerous and is punishable.

“Do not drink alcohol and drive. Avoid the use of intoxicants while driving,” it cautioned.

In the advisory, the CP also advised shopkeepers and business owners not to occupy the parking space of shoppers along the NL Road, Circular Road, MP Road and GS Road for the entire day.

“Drivers should park their vehicles responsibly at designated parking spots. Do not stop/park at ‘no parking zones,’” it said while cautioning that vehicles that are not parked properly would be towed away.

“Only parallel parking will be allowed from Purana Bazaar to Chümoukedima, so as to ensure the free flow of traffic. Angular/haphazardly parked vehicles shall be towed away,” it added.

To avoid traffic congestion at intersections, it asked all vehicles, particularly two and three wheelers to observe lane discipline. Overtaking other vehicles in the existing lane while waiting at traffic stops leading to multiple lanes is prohibited, and offenders will face penalties, it said.

Unauthorised retrofits on vehicles are strictly prohibited and offenders will face consequences for installing aftermarket devices, including tinted glasses (with VLT of front and rear windshield less than 70% and that of side windows less than 50%), bull bars, crash guards, beacon lights, or red/blue LED lights, and exhaust pipes/pressure horns, it further cautioned.

Any unregistered vehicles operating without a temporary permit issued by the relevant transport authority will be impounded, and the violators will be subject to legal action.

This advisory takes immediate effect, and the public is urged to adhere to all traffic rules and regulations as there will be zero tolerance for traffic law violations, and stringent penalties will be enforced against offenders, it added.

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By EMN Updated: Nov 30, 2023 1:01:16 am
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