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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Speech on Women Activism in Politics in the Meeting of NSWON

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Member, Collective Leadership

Thank you Chairperson for giving me the privilege to speak before the congregation. I give my revolutionary salute to all the members present here in the meeting.

When God moves, the world moves; When God moves, nation moves; When God moves, society moves; When God moves, the church moves; When God moves womenfolk moves.

The Israeli people remained silent for 430 years in Egypt, but when God moved they moved. ‘When the pillar of cloud moved, they moved.’ Number: 9:17.

The Naga people lived in the dark world without God, without hope and future for thousands of years. They started moving only when the Spirit of God moved them. They are now moving from darkness to light, from the hell of bondages to the paradise of freedom, from the bottom to the top, from the desert to the green pasture, from the slave of nature to the master of nature, from the age of impossible to the age of possible, from the curse of death to the bliss of resurrection, from the land of hopelessness to the land of hope, from idealism to realism, and from worshipping the creation to worshipping the Creator. Indeed, it is a revolutionary change.

We Have Two Wars to Fight: 1. National resistance movement against invaders. 2. Social movement for reformation of system and amendment of laws for equal rights and privileges to all without exception of gender and class.

National Resistance Movement:

All Nagas without exception of age, gender and status are deeply involved in the national resistance movement under the banner of National Socialist Council of Nagalim. All are actors in their respective fields.

All able-bodied men fight in the forefront, whereas some people including women and children take the role of messenger and logistics support.

Women were engaged in different fields of production works. You can continue to play the second fiddle of animal husbandry, tailoring, opening restaurants, shops, beauty parlours, pharmacies and even run schools in the villages, towns and cities for fund-raising. You can also give your service in the area of political campaigns through revolutionary songs, poems, dramas, writings and mass media. Organise prayer bands in all units of NSWON to pray for the cause without ceasing. Prayer band is one of the fronts of the movement.

Organising mass rally in the streets is a good democratic weapon to fight with. You can organise womenfolk to continue launching mass rally against Indian army atrocities, mass-rape, killing innocent Nagas in fake encounters and false allegations, mock trial in their courts, sowing seeds of communalism among the Nagas, etc. We must protest against every act of Indian colonialism in our land. One of the fastest steps of colonialism is through inter-marriage. Our womenfolk should be aware of this dangerous trend of marrying with foreigners. You are the mothers of your people and country.

It is known to all that if we stop resistance movement, our people, our land, our history, our politics, our religion, our identity and culture will be colonised through Indian laws within no time. We must resist the aggressors or we perish.

Now we are at the stage of negotiation for a lasting solution through bilateral talks. We know for sure that political solution will come only through political talk with the Government of India. After prolonged negotiations with the Government of India, we have reached the historic Framework Agreement on 3rd of August, 2015 through the tireless efforts of the Naga people led by the National Socialist Council of Nagalim and the Government of India, and the kind support of the international community, friends of the Naga people and above all, by the grace of God. The Framework Agreement is the official document of the Nagas and India signed by the National Socialist Council of Nagalim and the Government of India. Through this Framework Agreement, the Government of India has recognised the unique history of the Naga independence, sovereignty of the Nagas, identity of the Nagas, territory of the Nagas and the legitimate right of the Nagas to integrate all Naga areas under one political roof. It is also mutually agreed that Nagas and India will co-exist sharing sovereign power. We must value and protect this hard-earned Framework Agreement at all times, at all costs.

Social Movements/Revolution:

Women are also free from all social, political and cultural bondages. You are free to fly high in the sky; you are free to swim in the ocean and you are free to move everywhere on earth. There is no prohibition. No power, no law and no tradition can stop you now.

The wall that divides man and woman, slave and free, Jew and gentile has been pulled down by Jesus, the Liberator.

But traditionalists are still trying to chain you again. They justify gender discrimination and caste sytem in the society. They are trying to suppress the rights of women entitled by the international laws. Be it informed that womenfolk too have the right to represent in the law making bodies.

The culture of autocracy, corruption and injustice that shook our society and nation every now and then should be combatted by all sections of people. Womenfolk should protest against the law of capital punishment awarded to those individual criminals or national criminals. They are also sons and daughters of the loving mothers. Punishment to the criminals is a must, but life should be spared.

Traditionalists say, it forbids incest marriage between a brother and a sister of the same clan. The Lord says, “Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy sister.”

He also says, “Neither shalt thou make marriages with them (Canaanite women) thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.”

Revolutionaries say, define the term incest. The Biblical Israelites are the children of Jacob. Jacob marries Jacob. It is clearly said, “None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the Lord. “It is made to understand that the term incest is confined to the parameter of the nearest kin. But it needs wide ranging debates among the people in general and law making Body in particular.

Our land is dying on account of opium cultivation and deforestation. Rivers and water sources in our land are running dry and that animals have started deserting from our land. Our land will become a desert if indiscriminate logging is not stopped when it is not too late.

Drug peddling and drug addiction are rampant in our society. Hundreds of young boys and girls are dying every year. Alcoholism is another virus that eats into the vitality of our youngsters today. Our womenfolk should also take up necessary measures to fight the demons of drugs and alcohol so that we can save the precious lives of our loved ones. Food adulteration is another war to fight. It is damaging physical as well as mental health of our people.

God created both men and women with the materials of the spirit of my Lord and my people. That’s why we are called religious being and political being. We do not learn religion and politics from others. We come with religion and politics We must fight together against all social parasites that have damaged the fabric of our society.

It was the spirit of my Lord and my people that fought, that spoke and led the Israelites to the promised land. The spirit of my Lord and my people are the materials of Nazirites. It is the spirit of Nagalim for Christ that has brought us this far. And it will be with the Nagas till the last.

We need a stable home because history begins at home, politics begins at home and religion begins at home. Home is the root of kingdom and state. And women are the mothers of home. Women are blessed people. They are the mothers of kings, political leaders, generals, prophets, teachers, writers, scientists, revolutionaries and heroes of a common cause. Above all, the blessed Mary, the Biblical woman, is called mother of God.

In the land of Nagalim for Christ, we are witnessing broken home, broken society, broken Church, broken organisation and nation. Rebuilding our broken land is our sacred duty. We must do it.

Moses of old was the handiwork of his mother, Jochebed. She said to Moses, ‘ Son, you do not belong to the people here, you belong to the oppressed people lamenting up there.’ She was a Jew nationalist. She inculcated the spirit of Jew nationalisn in her son.

Do we have nationalist mothers like Jochebed? Our mothers who teach religion, history, politics, and mathematics to their children at home are also called to work in the forefront of the revolutionary fields. It is a noble calling to hold fast. Women are now not only kitchen queens, but they are also queens of the people and nation. We are born here, we will live here and we will die here. That is our politics. We must be faithful to the calling because we are Nazarites.

Thousands have run away from the battle-fields betraying the cause and joined forces with the enemies, but Nazarites stay the course.

We need Nazarites in the organisation, in the church and nation. It is said the city of Sodom and Gomorrah would have been saved from destruction if there were fifty, even ten righteous people (Nazarites). But sadly none.

Do we have fifty Nazarites among us? I can assuredly say that we have a good number of Nazarites among our people and in our national organisation. May the gracious Lord have mercy on the Naga people for the sake of the thousands Nazarites martyred for the cause, and the living Nazarites in the forefront of the movement.

I am sure there are Nazarites in the National Socialist Women Organisation of Nagalim (NSWON).


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