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Speech of Ms Adinno Phizo, President NNC at the 71st Anniversary of Naga National Council (NNC) Formation Day

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2017 9:22 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are thankful to God for enabling us to celebrate this 71st Naga National Council Formation Day today. The year 1946 was a crucial year for the Nagas to stand for their rights. And accordingly, on Feb.2, 1946 the Naga National Council (NNC) was formed to safeguard the future of Nagaland. Even today, the NNC is still continuing to care for the future of the country. Throughout all these years, by the grace of God, the NNC has not failed the Nagas in all difficult situations in the past seventy one years. Unlike India, Nagaland’s history has never allowed any foreign power to dominate our people. Even with Great Britain, no treaty was ever signed for submission.

In this modern day, NNC has persistently upheld Naga National identity and the Naga democratic traditions. NNC is not a political party and its policy is non-violence. This is because in Naga traditions, every problem is resolved with reason and mutual understanding. Also, unlike a political party, it is the people who make decisions and empower some leaders to serve the people.

To compare with other countries, the Nagas have all freedom in their land. But at present, some people are playing politics with Naga rights and freedom. Nagas also practice a unique form of gender equality which would be envied by other countries. At present, women have few choices even in some developed countries.

Nagaland is still surrounded by Indian armed forces with the order of the Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958. At first the Indian Government tried to portray Nagas as “secessionists”, “rebels”, “hostiles” and “terrorists” and invaded Nagaland. Besides their AFSPA, in their invading army “Top secret `Sampat of 1959’ it was stated that: “The pursuit of hostiles, if they are on the run, is relentless and determined and they are not allowed to get away to fight another day”. With these cruel orders, the Indian Army hunted our people like animals. But determined as ever, the Naga fighters, with only a handful of weapons fought back with great courage. In the end, they brought in a Ceasefire Agreement between the Federal Government of Nagaland and the Government of India in 1964. In this period, many Nagas sacrificed their lives without outside help and our consolation is that we never surrendered to the enemy. Nagas should always remember those unyielding sacrifices. The dispersed Nagas were also able to return to their villages as a result of the bravery and sacrifices of these brave Naga fighters.

The conflict with India will have to be resolved. And here, Nagaland’s stand is very clear as it always was from the beginning. That stand is that the Nagas are not Indians and Nagaland is not Indian Territory. The Nagas are not demanding anything from India except to leave Nagaland and co – exist with Nagas as friendly neighbors. Only when this happens, Nagaland can progress in their own way and achieve not, “a golden” but permanent peace and prosperity.

May God bless Nagaland.
Urra Uvie.
Peace Hall, Chedema.

Adinno Phizo President,
Naga National Council.

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2017 9:22:53 pm