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Speech of Mr. N. Kitovi, Convener, NNPGs at the Northeast Indigenous Peoples’ Conference

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Guruji, Guest Ladies and Gentleman, I am from Nagaland State. My name is Wangtin Naga, Co-convener of NNPG. NNPG means comprising of 6 revolutionary groups such as NSCN, NSCN-R, NSCN-U, NNC-NA fighting for Nagas’ sovereignty.

Today, our Convener, N. Kitovi could not deliver his speech, but, since his health did not permit him, I want to read out his speech.

Respected Sri Sri Ravi Shangkarji, Dignitaries, Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel most privileged in according——to be a part of this august gathering.

On behalf of the Working Group of 6 Naga National political groups and on behalf of all the Naga people I convey warmest greetings to all the participants present today.

The Art of Living has inspired millions of people across the globe to aspire for a higher, nobler and happier existence thereby promoting universal peace and brotherhood and creating a less violent society.

It has ever polluted the air created by caste, greed, religion, race and inaccessibility around the world.

I would —— that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living has touched and calmed the hearts of Presidents, Dictators, Warlords and the Revolutionary Leaders alike, with human conscience and reason.

In today’s context bringing reconciliation, peace and unity in war and restlessness is mammoth task.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji has shown the world that Peace and Harmony is attainable in even among more conflicting Nations.

The humanitarian works undertaken by the Art of Living in various countries during the time of natural calamities is most praiseworthy.

It gives me tremendous hope and confidence to know that while political conflicts between the state and non-state actors arising out of historical boundaries, historical blunders of the past are being settled through dialogue based on concerned principle of non-violence, more so through the conscience driven initiative of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my people and our land, Nagaland, for the last 70 years have experienced most barbaric and inhuman treated from Indian Army fuelled by various dragon laws and policy propagated by the state. Soon after the colonial masters shredded power to India in 1947, our land was forcibly occupied as successive Indian Governments unleashed wave after wave of man and war maxing to extinguish the patriotic aspirations of the Naga people.

Our land was divided into India and Myanmar without our consent and incorporated into various states in the Union of India and Burma, Myanmar now.

I believe the Indo-Naga political conflict is a legacy of historical mistake committed by a big Nation upon a smaller Nation. Despite the great injustice done to the Nagas, I have a profound belief that no political conflicts should remain unresolved.

I hope and pray that Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and the Art of Living would unlock the wisdom in the leadership of the Government of India to finally solve the 70 years old Naga Political conflict.

On the part of the 6 Naga National Political Groups, we have made it very clear to the Naga people that we would seek a political solution that is honourable and acceptable to all 16 of the Nagas. By this principle, we would also acknowledge the fact that partnering a rapidly advancing India in her march toward greatness would be a practical.

We believe the role of the Nagas would be crucial in the Eastern Corridor for the success of Act East Policy. The 6 Naga National Political Groups firmly believe that Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji has a spiritual acumen, historical knowledge and practical wisdom to understand the positions of both entities-Nagas and India.

We wish to live with respect and dignity allowing our people to progress with the rest of humanity through acceptable and honourable political solution.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s worldwide mission for peace initiative, spirituality and human values, social services and programs, cultural…leadership– – etc.etc. I am convinced that political and social economic problems of the Northeast India will be attended to in a most serious manner by the political leadership of the today.

Thank You

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