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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Spectacular cultural display mesmerises visitors on Day-3 of Hornbill Festival 2023

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Dec 03, 2023 10:58 pm
Hornbill Festival
Sangtam cultural troupe presenting folk dance at the Main Arena in Kisama on Sunday. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — The third day of ‘Cultural Connect’ at the ongoing Hornbill Festival showcased mesmerising array of performances from diverse tribes of Nagaland captivating visitors at the Naga Heritage in Kisama on Sunday.

The Angami cultural troupe initiated the event with a captivating rendition of ‘Sovi Kehu’ (folk dance) during the first session, while the Chang cultural troupe performed ‘Chishok Lamshok’ (peace treaty song).

Continuing with the programme, Garo cultural troupe presented ‘Jaktong Sika’ (traditional game) followed with a presentation by Ao cultural troupe on ‘Yimdongsü Tsüngsang’ (folk dance).

Participating for the first in the event, Tikhir cultural troupe showcased the traditional method of making fire through ‘Milak,’ while the Chakhesang cultural troupe engaged the audience with the energetic ‘Ridü’ (war dance).

The Kuki cultural troupe brought traditional games to life with ‘Kangchong Kap’ and ‘Pasal Kichep’ (male games), followed with the Konyak cultural troupe’s spirited ‘Saphat Shon’ (harvest dance).

The Khiamniungan cultural troupe concluded the first session with the presentation on ‘Ih-Yoh,’ symbolising the return from war.

In the afternoon session, the Lotha cultural troupe presented ‘Waro Jurhe O…Jurhe’ (folk dance), which was followed by the Phom cultural troupe narrating the weavers’ story through ‘Vidak Pangpho.’

The Pochury cultural troupe engaged the audience with the indigenous game ‘Khape Lüpe,’ while the Rengma cultural troupe performed the ritualistic ‘Keshentüghü’ (first seed sowing).

The Sangtam cultural troupe presented the dynamic ‘Athrongrü Nyichi’ (warrior dance) and the Sumi cultural troupe enchanted the gathering with ‘Aghacho Le’ (the great Hornbill song).

The Kachari cultural troupe presented ‘Chotrole’ (folk dance) and the Yimkhiung cultural troupe brought energy to the gathering with ‘Humpü Jiru Pfu Thsile’ (one-leg dance game).

The Zeliang cultural troupe culminated the day’s cultural extravaganza with the splendid ‘Ih Ngau Merai Lim’ (Hornbill dance), leaving the audience in awe of Nagaland’s rich cultural heritage.

Lt. General PC Nair, who was the chief guest during the morning session, acknowledged and commended the vibrant culture of the Nagas.

In his address, Nair appreciated the rich tapestry of cultural diversity showcased at the Hornbill Festival. He emphasised the pivotal role of such cultural gatherings in fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities.

While expressing admiration for the successful execution of the event, he extended commendations to the organizers for their meticulous planning and execution.

Nair took a moment to encourage the participants and attendees, recognising their integral role in contributing to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

With a profound understanding of the importance of cultural connectedness, Nair highlighted the significant role of those events in preserving and promoting traditions. He particularly stressed their power in nurturing stronger bonds within communities. Nair encouraged all to participate enthusiastically in the array of cultural activities.

Expressing sincere gratitude for the privilege of being part of the Hornbill Festival, he commended the organisers for successfully creating a platform to facilitate cultural exchange and reflected the spirit of unity and diversity.

Sharingain Longkumer, Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, presided as the chief host for the event.

Joining him as co-hosts were Mhathung Yanthan, advisor of Agriculture, and MLA Namri Chang. Vilazosie Punyü, representing the Angami tribe, attended the occasion as the tribal guest.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, general manager of North Frontier Railway; Prem Ranjan Kumar from Northeast Frontier Railway; Alexandro and Capt. Raghu from the Adani Group; and Baichung Bhutia were honoured guests.

Jacob Zhimomi, minister of Public Health Engineering and Cooperation, was the host, while Kropol Vitsu, advisor of Prison, Printing and Stationary, and MLA Nuklutoshi were the co-hosts.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Dec 03, 2023 10:58:12 pm
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