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SP of Dimapur was once a bass guitarist

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The enthusiasm for the particular hobby comes naturally and the activity is not regarded as a chore. In today’s world where technology is changing the face of communication of our society, unhealthy practices are fueling passion which instead of encouraging healthy lifestyles and minds is doing the opposite. Closer at home finding time to do the things you love is both a challenge and a luxury for many families where time and money are limited resources. But that is the quirkiness about passion, it flowers even under the most difficult situations and especially when time and money are limited resources.
Every person is believed to have a hobby or a profession – be it associated to ones profession or not.
One of the most serious profession/job like the ‘police’ or a ‘lawyer’ is also said to have a hobby which they need in order find time for themselves apart from the busy working hours of sleepless nights trying to bring justice in the society.
Police officers frequently suppress their emotions and learn never to show explode their emotions at work, and they often act the same at home.
With so much of work pressure involved in their work, the police officials often suppress their hobbies and never get enough space to be at peace with the things they love doing.
Superintendent of Police (SP) VZ Angami heading the police force of Dimapur district who has been in this profession for more than 20 years may have also been observed or encountered by the society as a serious man who spends most of his time on duty towards the welfare of the society.
Working in such a serious profession dressed in his starred police khaki suit, VZ Angami may never have been the friendliest person to approach to but looking back in his yester years he too had a passion through which he still tries to find time despite his busy life loaded with investigations and appointments.
VZ Angami who during his younger days had has so much interest in music expressed that though his love for music is still the same, finding free time to relax and listen to music or singing have become a problem but yet he listens to music whenever he finds space and while travelling.
VZ Angami in an exclusive interview with Eastern Mirror stated that his passion has always been into music but with age and work he fails to find solace through music. While naming some of his all time favorite bands like Guns N Roses, Def Leopard and Scorpions, interestingly VZ Angami during his college days also had a temporary band called ‘Emergency Band’ where he played the bass and has also organized two concerts.
The then bassist VZ Angami also has a local band called ‘Japfukroko’ but had to leave the band after he got through the NPSC and was first appointed as the Deputy Superintendent of Police.
Talking about passion and hobbies, VZ Angami noted that apart from music he also reads books and plays badminton whenever he gets free time to ease himself from all tensions but being a policeman, he noted that the most satisfying achievement he gets through his professional life is when he cracks serious cases through various investigations and sleepless nights.

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