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Social evils and some methods of treatment

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Rovert Kikon

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he social evil has been referred to as an ancient evil. It is deeply entrenched in modern Naga society. It has many aspects and its roots extend into the economic, recreative, social and criminal phases of society. The weakness of efforts in the past in reference to reform has been the attack upon simply some isolated part of the whole problem -and consequently there has been much of failure.
Many believe the social evil in Nagaland is so deeply intrenched that it cannot be overcome ; these need to be taught some of the simpler forms of approach to the insidious yet attackable and immediately remedial features of the problem. Some believe that only the vicious are involved ; these need to learn how the pressure of economic necessity, the lure of luxury/ an unfavorable social environment and misplaced confidence, are the causes of the downfall of many innocent girls and boys.Today, we have the evil of social drinking. I can understand wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, to unwind and relax, to lose a few inhibitions, to have a good time, maybe meet someone nice, etc. I don’t have a problem with that – I think that for many people (but not necessarily everyone) it’s a sensible thing to do. Drink weakens the moral fiber and opens the way to sins which rapidly change from the occasional to the regular. It has become generally accepted that it is dangerous to morals for liquor of any sort to be sold in pubs and discotheques where public dances are permitted, without careful supervision. Now coming back—It is one things to socialize with those who have not yet fully comprehended the truth, but quite another to habitually socialize with those who openly reject the truth. By socializing in pubs you do not bring people up to your level, they bring you down to their level . It is interesting to note that in Dimapur most liquor is sold by the Non-Christians and bought and consumed by the Christians. Alcohol is the cause of, or at least is blamed for, most unwanted sexual advances. Date-rape drugs are easily dissolved in drink—even cola and are hard to detect.
The use of drugs and liquor among young teenagers and youths is so common that alcohol has become the indispensable vehicle of the business The best is to divorce totally the sale of liquor from Pubs, discotheques, restaurants, hotels, ghumti shops and any disreputable house without compromise. Young teenagers and school children are the worst affected and that which is slowly becoming an addiction in every social gatherings, school functions and even birthday celebrations not forgetting the various traditional festivals.
Most of the Church leaders, student bodies and the Government have adopted the policy of “Laissez faire.” It is well known that vice spreads in many new and startling forms of iniquity and disease, when anything approaching this condition is tolerated.
Many agree that we have a very weak Government in Nagaland that is always ready to compromise rather than to watch and punish those who violate moral laws as to prevent evil acts. The principal of Compromise is evident everywhere from the roads to the “Madu” house
Many Police officers will mention regarding the difficulty of obtaining evidence which will stand in law against these houses of poison(Read liquor dens). With the rules of evidence so strict, with the knowledge that many cases will be thrown out in court, coupled with the fact that money is offered by solicitors on the street, by violators of houses of ill repute to protect themselves against complaints of citizens, raiding, etc., and by persons who traffic in girls, it is easily seen that the work of the police is difficult and unsatisfactory at the best.
The time has come for Church leaders and Christians alike who are strong in morality to carry on a sane, courageous campaign against such anti social elements. A careful study of the law in our state might be made by a group of Christian lawyers. Good citizens should be as familiar with state laws and city ordinances as are those who violate them.
Number of principals and teachers in the government schools and public schools also share the many problems they are faced with and the degree of lawlessness. A school counselor is a must to understand the growing problems the young minds are faced with coupled with modernization. Sex education needs to be done early these days, the holiness or un holiness of sex relationships together with scientific knowledge of reproductive parts. Church youth leaders and Bible college students should focus their ministry in schools and educational centers.
The home is undoubtedly the best place for such instruction. It can be given most wisely to children as they grow in knowledge and curiosity, but the instruction of parents in sex education is a very slow process due to our culture of “no discussion” and absentee parents. This also makes us wonder if parent-child relationship is sustained and maintained, we would have less of the youths fall to these social evils. We must be honest with this generation, and what is more, we must be real. They want more than communication—they want connection. Listen to your teen and we will be amazed how much closer it will make us!
Many Churches are experiencing decline of young people attending the Sunday services. Teenagers and young adults are absent in church but present online daily. We need to change our old style of functioning while dealing with the techno savvy teens and to give time to listen to them. Online counseling page and groups needs to come in an age where depression, family problems and suicidal tendencies are rampant amongst our young people. Recreational halls for the youths with fun filled and friendly atmosphere where young people can hang out with friends and just enjoy music needs to come out in our churches. To start with a coffee house and Christian Music room would be great. One hour of service in one week is not enough to satisfy the energetic, talented teenagers. Church leaders need to hang out with the youths and try to listen to them . Having fun is no sin. I love to dance once in a while too—Minus the drink, sex and cigars. For Many of our young teenagers, they are confused whether being a Christian is an end to having fun. We need to give them reasons to believe that we love them and want them to enjoy life to the fullest.
Lastly, for too long our society still treats woman as a second grade beings. We place the burden of the blame for lapses from chastity upon the narrow shoulders of the woman who bears in her body the marks of the sin. Society has been built up on the conception that the man was weak and the girl bad. Excuses have been multiplied for the man but the girl is “ruined,” “beyond the pale,” “fallen.” The time has come to recognize that man is the aggressor, that behind every girl who has gone wrong is a man with low ideals, persuasive flattery, lying tongue or unrestrained desire who has put her there. Shift the burden from the woman and lay it heavily upon the man who persists and insists until the ignorant or weak-willed girl consents. Time has come for a man to be a man and to protect the princesses and daughters of God.
All in all time has come for the Christians both inside the church and outside the different sectors like Government, educators, local NGO’s, police and policy makers to move out from our comfort zone and make a difference for such a time as this and fight against the various social evils prevailing in our land. Else one day God forbid we will walk in empty church buildings that will be shopping malls and discotheques and prostitution centers. I can’t imagine a sadder way to die than knowing I never showed up on earth as who I really am. And that is what I believe we all feel deep inside.

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